2011 Nissan Micra

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Just more illustrations of the next small Nissan.
Which for the 1st time will be sold in the US. As a “sub-Versa” model. So I guess it will start under $10 000, which is pretty much the base Versa’s price.

This is the current version and I still think it does look better and much more original than the next one.
Just like the Cube, it looks like Nissan tries to hard to Americanize their designs once they decide to sell them in the US…

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  1. You mean americanize and fuck up ! cube is a total mess, all my non gearhead friends always state that the cube is one ugly looking car, to me it reminds me of a mini hurse on wheels and also the Munster family mobile !!! and the last micra looked bug eyed and the new one looks cross eyed ! I dare nissan to put a-c and radio in it and sell it for 8500k, it would sell very well !

  2. Nissan's customer service really will bring them down. I have a GT-R with tire wear problems much like many experienced with the 350Z. They can only offer excuses.

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