2011 Opel Meriva

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Over at Opel, it almost looks like business as usual, since GM decided to keep it.
Were are getting the Regal from them, and it now looks like we are also getting the Wagon and sporty GS versions as well.
A coupe, sedan and wagon versions of the Astra are also on track.

And so is the replacement for the small “micro minivan-like” Meriva.
But we won’t be getting this one.
I really do not see this as a Buick anytime soon.

It could have been a small and interesting Saturn, but….

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  1. GM could easily turn Buick into a hip brand to compete with Kia and Hyundai. This little car would fit into Buick's line quite perfectly.

  2. it's very interesting that this Meriva's beltline mimics that of the last large Buick 'minvan' concept in China. i bet the Meriva will be sold as a Buick in China. if the interior was premium enough, i could see this as a USDM Buick too. i don't think size will matter in the future. i think all successful car companies will compete from with products in the smallest to the largest size categories. i think it's inevitable there is even a Buick B segment car, but maybe a specialty 2-3 seater, not a family car of some sort.

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