2011 Toyota Sienna

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Looks to be just about 1% more stylish than the present model.
Just a few Venza touches here and there. I especially love how Toyota uses the term “visually intriguing”.
It also displays what maybe the fakest looking wood trim in the business.

But I’m sure it’ll do well with the intended market.
Here is what they say:

“Visually Intriguing
The Sienna will come in five conveniently configured grades, all sharing a distinctly new
visual direction and features. The third-generation Sienna explores a more modernly advanced
and bold design. The sportier profile is complemented with distinctive window shapes. Working
closely with engineering, Sienna designers were able to create a high and wide shoulder to
embed a deliberately hidden door slider within the window graphic.

The strong high shoulder and distinct fender flares visually emphasize the wheels.
Dimensionally, the new Sienna rides on the same wheelbase as the prior generation, but it is
wider and slightly shorter overall.

In the front is a bold face design. Sophisticated headlamps angled higher than the grille
lends a confident front presence. The sculptural rear corner separates the Sienna from boxy
minivans as it surrounds the functional yet elegant LED taillights.

The interior features upscale quality and elegance, yet every element are logical and
functional. The distinctive swept shape of the IP creates the perception of increased personal
space for both driver and passenger. Careful attention to the details adds extra value to each
component. Sleek seat designs add flexibility and roominess while central climate and audio
controls are integrated into a single graphic element.

Overall, the new Sienna has a sportier, classier appearance. A Cd of 0.306 is the result
of careful design work and is a contributing factor in maintaining a quiet cabin and providing
excellent fuel economy. “

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  1. 1% is a good estimate, Vince, on the exterior changes.

    the 'wood' interior might be pretty unconvincing, but i love the sweep of it. the oddly positioned gearshift lever, as many of these contraptions offer, here is integrated the best i've seen, the resultant protuberance usually resembling a tiny urinal.

    the logo on the hood is positioned too high, making it look like a face all pinched up. it should be lower into the grille or even a bit lower, to emphasize the width and lowness. i think that's my least favorite part of the design, just like the Venza.

  2. The dashboard looks disgusting, the front looks good, the back looks terrible, the middle looks.. well like the same car it was and still is.

    This is another Toyota FAIL as far as i'm concerned.

  3. So…..we finally meet the mother of the Venza and the Camry's new lover.

    I thought the Venza looked bad…I was wrong…however the Crosstour is still #1 for the ugly spot.

  4. Definitely a big improvement on the current model; but not good enough to be a threat to the segment leader (Chrysler). And with "freshened" Caravans & Town & Countries just a year away, I seriously doubt this will be enough to keep Toyota in the game. Rumor has it that the Chrysler/Dodge/Volkswagon will soon be available as a Lancia in markets outside North America.

  5. Both the Honda and Toyota are now much better alternatives to those dinosaur-drivetrain Chrysler crap.

  6. This is for people who wear Crocs, fanny packs, mom jeans and use their children as an excuse for letting themselves go. I'd take an Audi Q5 or Q7, or even a Ford Flex before considering a Sienna. Siennas work for NYC taxi cabs. But that's it.

  7. December 2, 2009 2:04 PM: "Both the Honda and Toyota are now much better alternatives to those dinosaur-drivetrain Chrysler crap."

    You sir, are an ignorant idiot.

    Chrysler's drivetrain is the most modern available in ANY minivan (it's a SIX SPEED)

    I've owned 8 vans in 15 years and Chryslers are so far ahead of anything else it isn't even a contest. Even with Honda & Toyota copying virtually every dimension of the 1996 Chryslers; they still lack in features (stow-n-go) performance (4.0L + SIX speed trans), efficency (Chryslers biggest 4.0 L gets better mileage than ANY of Hondas, Hyundais, Nissans, or Toyotas minivans). And Chryslers can tow almost 4000 LBS WITH automatic Load-leveling. And they ride softer. And quieter. And (with the optional sport suspension) can out-handle, out-corner and out- maneuver the best of the rest. (On the Routan it's the std. suspension) And they have 5-stars in every direction. And STANDARD features on a Chrysler include front AND side airbags, Stability control (ESP), anti-lock disc brakes all around, traction control, etc. ANY feature available on ANY minivan is available on the Chryslers. Even a sunroof and a 20-meg hard drive with THREE video screens, built-in rechargeable flashlight, and pluins for any ipod/mpeg/etc you could want. I compare all these minivans EVERY year, and if you're going to be totally impartial; the Chryslers are STILL the best. The current Sienna is nice, but the T & C is nicer. I can hardly wait to test this new Sienna and see if they've hit the industry benchmark–yet.

  8. what a mess, lines flowing everywhere form a disjointed mess. yuk, toyoslide needs to spend whatever money is left over ( if any) after that massive safety related recall last week, and hire a real designer.

  9. The grille reminds me of a cleft lip. No insult intended to those who have a cleft lip. And the dashboard is just a mess. No harmony, no symmetry. I'm sure it will be well built, but why so ugly?

  10. "Anonymous said…
    Definitely a big improvement on the current model; but not good enough to be a threat to the segment leader (Chrysler). And with "freshened" Caravans & Town & Countries just a year away, I seriously doubt this will be enough to keep Toyota in the game. Rumor has it that the Chrysler/Dodge/Volkswagon will soon be available as a Lancia in markets outside North America.

    December 2, 2009 2:01 PM"

    Actually, it still trails Honda's and Toyota's sales.

    Nice try though.

    "Anonymous said…
    Both the Honda and Toyota are now much better alternatives to those dinosaur-drivetrain Chrysler crap.

    December 2, 2009 2:04 PM"

    They always have been, ever since their introduction here in the US.

  11. To the ignorant Chrysler fanboy posting onDecember 2, 2009 6:49 PM:

    Everything you mentioned still fails to get Chrysler a decent review with ANY professional automotive publication.

    Consumer Reports tears the current generation Chrysler twins apart, citing terrible fit and finish AND A POOR RIDE, contrary to what you believe.

    The van gets better gas mileage than the rest of the bunch because it upshifts at the earliest possible point, and refuses to downshift. It kills the driving experience. This is something that was noted by many other publications.

    Wow, the Chrysler tows a WHOPPING 500 pounds more than the Honda. Big deal.

    The Honda still outhandles AND outperforms the sport suspension equipped Routan with its "powerful" 4 liter engine. The Toyota walks on the Chrysler as far as 0-60 times are concerned.

    Both the Honda and Toyota come with standard stability control and all airbags you just mentioned. Don't forget disc brakes as well.

    Your bias has clouded your judgement. Please tell me which minivans sell better and DO NOT INCLUDE FLEET SALES of the Chrysler twins.

  12. Take the Venza and compare front/back and interior. 95% same so we know now how most other new Toyota's will look like…

    I hope Toyota one day doesn't become that predictable with their designs. Carmaker for the masses I guess.

    It will take few more years before we'll see again a sporty affordable car from Toyota.

  13. December 3, 2009 6:19 AM just schooled that other poster. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    there isn't anything nice about the caravan or town and country. it always places last in comparison tests too…

  14. To even compare the Toyota minivan to a Chrysler minivan is like saying that a dull-normal child is smarter than the mildly retarded child. Just buy a better vehicle.

  15. This is something I could live in when I forclose. It is more stylish than my house with far less property tax.

  16. Toyota's designers have no style. I guess they're out of ideas! Gross! I wonder why we don't, or how long it will be before we start hearing about all Toyota's "parts bin" pieces like GM and Ford?

  17. Chrysler have a 20 Gig hard drive??
    That's nice; most of the songs it can contains will be nice to listen while waiting for the towing on the side of the road.
    Assuming the stereo will still work ok that is…
    Nice enginering Chrysler!!

  18. • For eight years in a row, Town & Country has won the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award[1]. Polk bases their award on how well manufacturers retain customers.

    Toyota DIDN'T

    • Town & Country won the 2009 Active Lifestyle Award – For Best Minivan


    MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award for “Best Minivan” 2 years a row is Chrysler Town & Country


    AND I (who put 30,000 miles a year on a minivan) AGREE.

    But this new Sienna is a definite improvement on the "funky" Toy styling. If their MPG & seating & towing & other attributes have improved as much, Chrysler will have some real competition (untill the "freshened" 2011 T & C comes out.)

    Honda isn't really a player here, except that they do seem popular with folks who want "bare bones" haulers. Sienna & Chrysler are way at the high end of the spectrom.

  19. Whatever the prices you say Chrysler won, the most importnat one is Consumer report.
    Where is Chrysler in that one?

  20. December 6, 2009 6:20 AM: the most important one is Consumer report.

    –says who?? You???

    Consumer reports rated Jeep Wrangler the lowest of ANY vehicle for 2009. But when GM truck sales dropped 45%, and Toyota dropped 60%; Wrangler sales INCREASED 16%!!! Wrangler was the ONLY 4×4 Truck where sales INCREASED (2009YTD). And NOBODY's sales remained even. EVERYBODY saw DEEP sales DECLINE. EXCEPT WRANGLER!

    How out-of-touch does "Consumer Reports" have to be, to totally miss that one?

    I challenge anyone to spend 4-10 hours a day in a Chrysler Minivan; then do the same in a Toyota or Honda, and THEN actually lay out $35,000 for anything OTHER than a Chrysler. I actually spend that much tiime in my minivan, and believe me: Sienna & Oddity are just not something I'm willing to put up with. Sorry Japanese fans.

    As for the Toyota Previa fan; the TOYOTA Previa was absolutely THE MOST DANGERIOUS minivan EVER tested by the Insurance Institute for Hyway Safety — by a W I D E margin! LOOK IT UP!

    The guy in charge of those safety tests read Consumer Reports and bought a Toyota minivan. Then he did the crash tests. Then he sold his (NEW) Toyota and bought a Chrysler.

    Between that (and my own experience of buying 2 home appliances rated "Best Buy" by CR; — only to replace BOTH within a year ); I've got very little respect for the unscientific & opinionated bias of "Consumer Reports".

    I have to go with what I know.

    And I know minivans.

    And right now today; Chrysler simply does a better job. Period.

    That's the voice of EXPERIENCE.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  21. Sorry but I'm not the one that live inside a bubble. Chrysler is junk, period. No wonder why they are at the verge of bankrupcy once a decade.
    I'm out of here to go shopping for a reliable car so don't count on me anymore to argue.

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