2011 VW Amarok Pick Up

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So far only a diesel engine is planned for VW’s new compact pick up truck.
It will be sold mostly in south America, but not in the US.
I guess the once huge market for compact trucks in the US has now shrunk to almost nothing.
Ford isn’t even planning a replacement for the Ranger.

You would think that with higher gas prices these things could only get more popular…

In any case, VW will have one ready if things change….

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  1. I agree with you as to why smaller pickups are not that popular now. I would buy something like this if it were available with a powerful enough engine that got good mileage.

  2. So sad, a truck with some style to it, sized correctly and we can't buy it, were stuck with an antique ranger, one ugly ass tacoma, a real boring gas guzzling frontier, (has anyone but the dealers seen the suzuki version ?) and a colorado that was designed by monkeys ( just who approved that front end and why after 6 years no refresh ) and on top of all this they wont sell us a el camino type of vehicle here. i see the mexican small el caminos all the time and they seem very usefull ! the great usa one of the largest truck markets in the world and the most neglected on not giving consumers what they desire !

  3. I also agree with the quips about the small truck market. It frustrates me that American car companies will not make a decent small truck. There is a market for it if you have a good product. Right now it looks like the only hope for a Small decent American truck is the Bare Necessities Truck that Chevy is teasing us with.

  4. I have a Ranger, and have had similar "mini" pickups in the past. They are ALL crap. Unstable in winds or on snow & ice. HORRIBLE gas mileage. We've replaced the whole fleet with minivans. MUCH MUCH better gas mileage. TWICE the cargo volume. More flexable seating/cargo capacity. Cheaper to maintain and much nicer to ride in. The only mini truck worth a damn was the Dakota (more stable ride, more cargo room, more comfortable ride) but that was even worse mileage than the Tacoma/Colorado/Ranger/Ridgeline types (the Dakota's big V8 was probably to blame). I don't miss these little nusiance truckettes. I'll buy Caravans & Siennas forever!

  5. The US market has become one focused on buying a car for the wife to drive the kids in. Hence it's about a little luxury, a little efficiency, and not much more that would turn off a woman driver, family oriented or otherwise. Markets that won't chiefly get this kind of driver in the car have shrunk badly. We're in a CR-V/Camcordima/Prius world, sad to say…

  6. Theres only about 2 mpg difference and cost nearly the same to build. These little things are worthless in the USA where we actually build big things unlike the rest of the world and their little tinker toy minds (sans China).

  7. The problem with compact trucks is that they cost the same as full size trucks and don't really get that much better mileage. Now, if they could sell this at $15-20k with the diesel, they'd have a hit on their hands.

  8. can someone explain to me how some indian MAHINDRA company is interested to bring smaller 4-cyl-DIESEL pickup to U.S. and great looking AMAROK is NOT for U.S.???

    how many 4-cyl-diesel pickup we have here in US available now…?


    i don't get it what is hold-up with VW (already popular with jetta-diesel)
    VW: bring it now, please. your ONLY competition will be Mahindra, should I say more…

  9. It is interesting, if you really have to have a pick up truck why wouldn't you go smaller and more fuel efficient? I can understand the people who are in construction industry, but, is that really the bulk of the millions of pick up trucks sold every year?

  10. "Anonymous said…
    Id wait a while until ther sort out the reliability issues.

    December 1, 2009 9:38 AM"

    Its a VW, they NEVER sort out the reliability issues.

    Ask my friend with the 2009 Jetta.

  11. "Anonymous said…
    Theres only about 2 mpg difference and cost nearly the same to build. These little things are worthless in the USA where we actually build big things unlike the rest of the world and their little tinker toy minds (sans China).

    December 1, 2009 3:28 PM"

    You have got to be fucking kidding me.

    China is the most rapidly expanding country in the world.

    They are building like crazy.

    Please watch the news.

  12. He said "sans China" meaning exception of China…China thinks/builds big like Texans!

    Plwease use a dictionary instead of watching TV.

  13. December 2, 2009 5:49 AM, who siad: What's the point?

    The point is, that anything a mini truck can do, a minivan can do better: Better ride, more cargo volume, bigger roof rack, same towing (3800 lbs in a Caravan); safer, quieter, smoother, cheaper insurance rates, better gas mileage (25 MPG HWY in a 4.0 L Town & Country) — Better in every way.

  14. 2.0-liter 4-cylinder is rather small for 4-door pickup (nowadays…)
    I think this would look good with SCION badge on it…

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