2011 WV Touareg

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Still just an illustration, but seems pretty close to the spy shots that have been out.
I always thought the current model looked old, even when it came out.

This seems just a little bit sleeker. But these aren’t great times to come up with a pretty expensive SUV.

VW should spend more money on the Tiguan. They really missed to boat on that one.
Compact SUVs are a pretty hot segment, at least in the US.
And the Tiguan isn’t doing well at all.
A pretty boring design, priced higher than the competition and a pretty bad reputation for reliability are not a good combo.

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  1. I have always loved the exterior and interior of this SUV, but the horrible reliability has scared me away.

  2. interesting rendering. i like the raised rear beltline, a la Scirocco, but i don't think the real Touareg will be that different from the current one. i bet it's going to be hard to tell 'em apart.

  3. I believe that the issue with VW is not the look of the cars they make, they actually do make stylish cars, but with electrical issues. They're cars are not exactly cheap. I remember a friend of mine had a jetta and the car (Brand new at 30k and change) had issues with the transmission moving from park to drive! I have also had experiences with Bentleys! I had a Bentley GT die mid intersection! The only way to get to the battery in the trunk, was an electric release button inside the car. I had to wait for a tow truck. Build reliable, beautiful vehicles and people will buy.

  4. Say what you like about a CRV, but it works when it needs to. When its snowy outside and I have to get home, I'd choose a CRV over any VW. Cuz I know it will start.

  5. VW does seem to have a real disconnect – like their executives live in an alternate universe. How do they expect to sell twice as many cars, when their current cars tend to be overpriced and unreliable, and their dealership network is renowned for incompetence and thievery?

    I will give them credit for making stylish cars that handle well. I'd rather give up some styling and handling finesse for something cheaper and more reliable.

  6. 200K+ on my '97 CR-V and it hasn't ever failed me once.

    Regular scheduled maintenance and Castrol GTX every oil change (5K). Nothing has ever gone wrong with it.

    I'll echo the poster above and say I'd never buy a VW. Too many friends who have had serious issues with theirs.

    Touaregs are rated one of the least reliable vehicles by Consumer Reports.

  7. "I'd rather give up some styling and handling finesse for something cheaper and more reliable"

    Most people would now. The Jetta and CC are selling OK though.

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