2012 Ford Focus?

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Just another illustration. Looking like a big Fiesta.
Which is probably what it’ll look like. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I just wonder about pricing. Ford expect the new Fiesta to be sort of a premium small hatchback.
With all the options it goes well over $21000.
Which is also well into the Fusion price range.

How are they going to squeeze the new Focus in between these 2 cars?

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  1. Premium = we want to charge more than we should, were greedy, Ford states americans are ready for a premium subcompact, hell i bet alot of americans are in a tight pinch for money right now especially for the fiestas target market so i believe america is ready for a good value and priced right subcompact more so than a premium car ! Audis A1 is another example of a manufacture getting greedy instead of servicing its customers ! I bet right now if someone brought to market a kick ass 10k car it would sell like hotcakes and help that car company's bottom line more so than a premium subcompact !

  2. Ford will probably raise the Fusion prices $ 1-2K next year, or right around the time the Focus arrives.
    It seems to me that prices are going "crazy" again, like they did around the mid-90's(and when used car sales took off, and new car sales slumped some…iirc) prior to Hyundai's 10-100K warranty introduction,and less money for more car, in 1999(which seemed to then "force" other automakers to offer better warranties , shortly there after, and lower prices, more content, in their cars.

    Who will be out next Hyundai, to save us from "crazy" prices(by forcing others to follow suite)?

  3. Judging from the little bits and pieces that I've heard, I have a feeling that this "Premium priced" Focus will top out at $23-24k. Will it look good…yes, will it perform well…yes, will it be very fuel efficient…yes, will it have a very nice interior…yes, will it be useful and practical…yes, and finally, will it sell well here in the USA…NO! It'll be a lot of car in a small package that will look similar to the smaller Fiesta and be marketed toward people who (generally speaking) ALWAYS aspired to purchasing an SUV.

    Do I like the car…oh yeah! Would I buy the car…yes, if it was'nt too expensive for the type of car it was (think value). Whether anyone else would buy it in the USA for the potential price they might be asking for remains to be seen. I hope it does really well though.

  4. I think Ford is just trying to create cars that are desirable enough that some people would WANT to accessorize them up to $23k in the case of the Fiesta. Most Fiesta will sticker for $15-17k. You have to get leather, push button start, the $1950 wheel package to get over $20k. The same thing with the Focus. Most will sell for probably $17-20k, but I bet we will be able to option one up to $28k. Seems like a lot, until you option up a Mazda3 5 door – not a Mazdaspeed3 – up to $28k TODAY!

    Apparently Ford is on to something. seeing how the $40k Taurus SHO is on back order.

  5. The pricing rational is usually a flimsy excuse, but if the quality is actually there (instead of yet another manufacturer's bullsh*t), why not have premium small cars in the States?

  6. Anonymous 1:02 has the right logic. Ford offers low entry prices that are competitive. It is ulitmately the consumer that determines the option mix that ends up selling at the dealership. A good example is that Ford cannot keep the SEL or SHO Taurus production up with the demand. There is room in Ford's line up for the Focus. Remember the U.S. is familiar with the Focus name. Consumers will be amazed at the new level of sophistication and refinement this car has to offer.

  7. Wish Ford would have (if this is close to what will be built) made the rear/hatch area with a rear "raked" hatch/glass area, sort of like that 2011 (illustration/Blue) Citroen C4!

    To me… that's how you make a 5- door hatchback look good/sporty, yet still useful(have room).

    To me, the C4 vs the Focus illustrations.. the Focus is ok.. but looks like something for an older person("Station" Wagon).
    The C4, by comparison, looks sporty, almost coupe-like, in general design/shape.

    It's easier to sell an older person a "youthful looking" (young person's style of) car, than to sell an "older looking"(older persons stle of)car, to an older person.

    I am "old"(to some folks)…yet, I would prefer to drive the C4(and it looks like something someone younger, to me,might be interested in owning/driving).
    The Focus… like I said, is ok… but don't we have enough of these suv/cuv looking styled things(the rest of Focus looks ok… just fix that vertical-only rear hatch area, or something, Ford).

    Is it that difficult for others to emuluate something like the C4, in design?

    It doesn't really add thousands of dollars for a good design, does it?

    Just wondering.

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