Audi A1

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This is the real thing.
Caught downtown Los Angeles with new spokesman Justin Timberlake filming a commercial.
And it does look, a little bit boring if you ask me…

At least, it seems that some silver trim is available from the A pillar onto the whole side of the car. Just like on the concept.
That might make it a bit more original.

We’ll see…
Or not. Audi hasn’t decided yet if the car will ever make it to the US or not…

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  1. Other than the A5 and A7 sport combi or whatever it's called, most Audi's are boring except for their cool looking led's in the headlight clusters.

  2. The last time anybody tried something screwy with the colour of pillar trim was the on the Saturn Ion and well we all know how godawful that looked.

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