Chevrolet Cruze wagon?

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Looks like it is on its way.

I was actually pretty impressed with the Cruze when I saw it in person. Nothing earth shattering, but nothing really is in that segment.
And the interior seems to be above most of the competition. That might be another story once we get the new Civic and the next Focus.
I think a wagon version will allow them to offer something the competition doesn’t, at least in the US.
If compact wagons are making a come back, Chevrolet could end up in the front lines.

Like what Buick could do for mid sized wagons with the Regal wagon.

I really think it would be a good move.
Anything to get rid of SUV’s as family cars….

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  1. I agree. With the Vibe gone, a small Wagon would be nice in the GM lineup. It's been awhile since the 94' Cavalier Wagon…

  2. With the camo on, this almost looks like a baby cts wagon. I think this car will look pretty good. Better than the sedan. I wish they'd bring a hatchback version here. This would be a worthy competeitor to the premium priced Focus.

  3. Wow, I love the anti-SUV vibe I seem to pick up on when I come to this site. Hey Vince, try cramming 6 kids (2m, 1.5yr, 4, 6, 9,& 13) into your Cruze station wagon. What do you want me to do? Strap a few to the roof! I have not even mentioned what has to come along for the two that are still in diapers and require a stroller… before you throw out such crass statements, consider that some people actually need an SUV. I am sure in Kalifornica you only see fake breasted, bleach haired, botoxified nannies hogging the drive through at Starbucks driving SUVs. Oh the kids are at a Montessori school by 7:00am, taken there by an illegal house helper.

  4. What do I want you do to? Stop popping out kids like you are trying to give the Octomom a run for the money.

    You could also use a Dodge Caravan instead. It drives better, gets better gas mileage, and is safer than a full size body on frame SUV. Oh wait, it won't hog up a space and a half in parking lots, and it doesn't have ginormous blind spots, so that will not do.

  5. Not crazy about the personal attacks. I do agree that SUVs have a place, 6 kids seem like a lot, and many people whose most practical option is a minivan would never consider buying one.

    I was just going to say that I do think a simple, straightforward wagon would do well in this segment. Don't try to make the thing look sporty. Instead, focus on comfort, safety, and practicality.

    I don't like the high beltline or the sloped hatch. Please keep the rear hatch vertical, for maximum storage, and the side windows as large as safety regulations will permit. Also, please spend a few hundred bucks for side mirrors that (manually) fold. I've had too many experiences with popped/broken mirrors, which could have been easily avoided if I could have folded them in.

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