Chrysler Nassau?

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The Chrysler version of the Lancia Delta is now rumored to be called “Nassau”.
For obvious “Oldsmobile reasons” they just couldn’t keep the Delta name in the US.

The engines would be the new 1.8 Liter Turbojet with 200hp. But also a 160hp version of the same engine.
It will be imported from Europe but could be built in the US later if demand becomes high enough.

But they also say the car we will see in Detroit next month will be used to test the American public.
So it doesn’t seem to be a done deal. At least not 100%.

Chrysler needs cars yesterday. And this one should be in showrooms ASAP.

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  1. Poor Chrysler. I recently sat in a Lancia Delte intending to do a test drive. However after just sitting in it, I made up my mind and walked away from it. Not very well executed interior, awful – Italian style – seating position, claustophobic and not very roomy, small trunk. But: It looks good and interesting on the road, just do not get inside. Is that what Chrysler needs? Not today and not tomorrow.

  2. Forget Chrysler, let them burn.

    Until they can make a quality vehicle ON THEIR OWN with NO SUPPORT from any other manufacturers they are trash in my book.

    Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Fiat.

    All have helped.

  3. This could be an interesting car for Chrysler, not sure about the Nassau name, but don't like Delta either for the US. It looks like a c-class sized Nissan Murano, probably won't sell in high volume, but at this point, ANY new product would help.

  4. Lancia Delta is a fantastic and absolutely personal car,
    Too much for a…
    I hope they leave Lancia to ALL european markets wher now sell more than Chrysler and the name of Chrysler only the Us market.

  5. I would MUCH rather just wait it out than have Fiat/Chrysler bring something 'new' to the market that wasn't 'just right'. The last thing Chrysler needs is another 'dud'.

  6. NAIAS will publicly link Fiat's high-end "halo" brands: Ferrari, Maserati, and Chrysler.

    This Lancia Delta midsize car will also be shown; as a Chrysler

    Lancia will sell Chrysler Sebring and 300C, in Europe. Sebring Convertable will compete with BMW 335 &328; and against the mid-sized Mercedes convertable. 300 will compete with 335M, 5-series, CTS-V, and both regular & AMG C-class models. (a new 440++HP SRT-HEMI -vs- the M, V, & AMG versions). New super-efficent Diesels will also be offered.

    The synergy created between Chryslers MDI-HEMI and Phonex V6 and FIAT's low-carbon / high-efficency technoligy will produce a new level of efficency (and performance) not previously seen.

  7. Reading that the Lancia Delta is claustrophobic and not roomy with a small trunk is so simply off topic that I could only react. Styling is an opinion, but the Delta has by far the lengthiest cabin in its class (in Europe, it is against Mazda3 and Euro-Focus, A3 Sportback…), the double glass roof makes it very clear, and the trunk is as big as its rivals with the rear seats in their rearmost position, and far bigger if you choose to lose some of the ample legroom. Only head room suffers in the back seats (while you can gain some by reclining the rear backrest). seen that features in the competition someone? this car could very well be the right answer in America for Audi's cramped A3…

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