Dacia Duster

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A new small SUV form the maker of the popular, and cheap, Logan sedan.
Power comes from 1 1.6 Liter engine with 110hp. Or a diesel with 105hp.

It will be sold in Europe in 2010, but also in south America and Mexico.

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  1. why the hack they dont bring these small diesel suv here in America.
    Feel like America is a 3rd world country now, all the shitiest cars in the world are here and all the nice ones are in Europe.

  2. i actually like this car.
    but i fear the reliability will be really bad.

    the design reminds me of the nissan xterra and the other nissan suvs.

  3. beautiful, I agree, the Pilot looks like junk, the old Pilot although boring , at least wasn't ugly. Ever notice, people driving the New Pilot are very ugly. I guess it's like the owners look like their dogs thing.

  4. When chinese car companies start dumping tons of product on the market & selling it below cost; life is going to be impossible for BMW, GM, Mercedes, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, & the rest of the "Fiscally Legitimate" car manufacturers. We may see them ALL file bankrupcy in the next 5 years!

  5. J Miles said…
    This is what the Honda Pilot SHOULD have looked like

    December 8, 2009 9:16 AM

    Complete disagree with you J. Honda Pilot is way better looking then this.

  6. My concern is the after sales backup. What happens when it breaks down?? Do you wait 3 months for parts or does any one know how to fix these??
    Or are they a throw away item like the rest of the chinese products.

  7. They are being sold in Renault dealerships in Europe (the Dacia vehicles have their special corner on the floor), and will probably be sold in South America and Mexico with Renault badges

  8. It's not Chinese, it's a product from a Romanian manufacturer which is owned by Renaut, and uses parts from both the Renault and Nissan range of cars. The platform is related to the one used in the Renault Clio, Nissan Micra, Dacia Logan and Nissan Versa in the US.

  9. Russian-Lada, Czech-Skoda, Yugo, Romania-Dacia, haven't we got enough these craps here? Lets keep them over in Eastern EU for the red army and don't bring these ugly junks over here.

  10. Looks cool to me. Chrysler has to be pissed that they don't have Plymouth to offer this Duster.

    And why did my captcha have to be "cheat" with all this Tiger talk going on?

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