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  1. Not unusual to see 12 kids in back of pickup going down the highway in Asia. They put a topper on a mini pickup for a school bus. Lucky we are here to enjoy private vehicles.

  2. I belong to a forum where the baby in the motorcycle luggage pic was taken.


    Dad took the pic, and mom was literally two feet away, just outside of the shot, ready to swoop back in the moment the photo was taken.

    Let's make sure to look at some of these in their proper context please.

  3. Ohh i looked at them pics with proper context and the ones with people making love or showing there cooty with a kid in the room, is just poor taste, but the real kicker was the kid with the rifle in his mouth, oy vey !

  4. Yeah, the first one is a Blazer, not a pickup. The baby seat is presumably secured to the back seat of the Blazer.

  5. " Patrice said…

    What's wrong with the first picture? It's look like a removed-top K-Blazer..

    December 30, 2009 11:28 AM"

    It is a Blazer.

    Idiots who know nothing about cars think it is a pickup.

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