Fiat 500 promo. In Amsterdam

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Let’s just hope they use something like it when the car comes to the US next year.

The whole US lineup will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show.
As well as the Chrysler version of the Lancia Delta

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  1. I am very interested in what will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show, by Fiat-Chrysler.

    That "Chrysler version of Lancia Delta" is of interest.


  2. not sure if this is the right ad campaign since their target demographic for this car is women and gays…anyway, it is nice to see talented women working outside the corporate world for a change.

  3. Great looking little car. From what I've heard Fiats were never reliable. Let's face it, Ferraris are not reliable cars, Maseratti's are a cheaper Ferrari, Alfa Romeo are the cheaper Maseratti and Lastly Fiats are the cheaper Alfa Romeo… What does this say about Fiat and Chrysler? We shall find out

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