Ford Fiesta Van

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Wonder if this will ever make it over here.
But after seeing the Transit Connect in our streets, anything is possible.
And why not.

I bet there could be a market for a sub $13 000 little delivery hatchback.

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  1. This is not a van and will not be perceived as such. It's the equivalent of a 70s Pinto with bubble rear windows and zoomie graphics.

  2. delivery car maybe but van is a stretch. the honda fit is more of a van than this since the back seats fold completely flat.

  3. 13K msrp, or less? Vince… have you seen the 2011 Fiesta prices?(they are out there now, on the internet)?
    I think these are real prices….what I saw…and
    af the base hatchback is over 15K to start…and the prices do climb(a lot, imho) from there..I don't think this will be 13K, or less(but you never know).
    The sedan is 2K less(for some reason..if these are the final/real prices, being touted on the internet…).

    Anyhow.. I'll wait for the Focus… maybe 5 door, next year, the new version. If I am going to pay 18-20K msrp… I want armrests, seat-height adjusters, etc…. things I haven't done without(in any car, especially a compact/subcompact) in over a decade.

    PS: Vince.. if you can… the sites with the prices… is this real(the prices being touted? If so.. the near-future subcompacts will all be costing today's compact car prices).

  4. Yeah, I'm not feeling it.
    There comes a point when a vehicle is too small to be useful in its intended role, despite some cost savings in purchase price, easier parking, or fuel effiency.

    Here in NYC there is a market for smaller delivery vehicles, but what business owners seem to go for are 4-door vehicles that are bigger and more useful than this: station wagons and minivans, mostly. Also, the Dodge Sprinter is very popular if they need something bigger and are willing to pay more – the short wheelbase model is the length of a station wagon but w/ 3x the cargo capacity.

  5. A van… no. But it would make a good small runabout and putting a logo where the side windows would be provides a little better visibility than a door panel on a car this size.

  6. "Van" is just what they call these kinds of cars in the EU. It's obviously not a van in the U.S. sense of the term.

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