Fritz Henderson resigns.

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The GM board has “accepted his resignation”.

I wonder why. Maybe all these failed sales of Saturn, Opel and Saab…

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  1. Come on Vince. All these guys knew their fate months ago, when they accepted government money. It is theatrics about building the brand with "new blood." He has known it for a while.

  2. Henderson has enough money and his job is no fun with the government breathing down his neck. I don't blame him for freeing himself from a burdensome job with an unlikely future.

  3. I don't like the direction that this is going. GM needs some stability at the helm for the necessary changes that is desperately needed to take hold and re-shape the brand.

    Fritz was an "insider", a guy who knew GM well, perhaps too well. One could speculate that the changes Fritz proposed, like changing the name of GM (Generic Motors) to Gemstar Motors was what did him in, or maybe it was his radical ideas that GM's trucks should be hybridized, to achieve mid 30 MPG, or that their cars average low 40's within the next 3-5 years. Fritz had a lot of great ideas that would've brought GM back to the head of the line.

    Too bad to see him go.

  4. GM was never going to sell Opel. Ed and Fritz just did not get along and Ed fired him like the useless freak that he is.

  5. In case you forgot Vince, Whitacre and the board prevented the sale of Opel, therefore it wasn't a failure. Geez, your hatred for GM is so strong.

  6. just look at him…….would you hire this dumb looking MF? I wouldn't trust him emptying garbage cans. Picture him in a janitors outfit. GM is lost.

  7. He's not a car guy. Never was, never will be. To be successful in the car business you have to LOVE it. GM needs an insider. SUPER LUTZ to the rescue.

  8. Opel, probably not since that was the board's decision, not his. But Saab and Saturn definitely had something to do with it. I'm sure the fact that the Hummer deal still hasn't closed and the 6 month delay of the Cruze also had a hand.

  9. if he quit now while gm still has tax payers money to put up a show that they are functioning, he can get a nice big fat severance cheque and probably some ridiculous monthly pension that will last him decades, and probably will keep paying his wife/kids after he passed away. he might not get it if he quits later when gm finally and inevitably dries up the tax dollars.

    way to think like a true american business man Henderson!

    who didn't see this coming anyway, he was the chief FINANCIAL officer for a couple year before becoming the the operational officer in 2009, that's real smart, let's promote the guy who played a big part of leading GM into bankruptcy and give him an even bigger part with more power so he can continue doing his thing with more influence! while we are at it, why don't we all start treating lung cancer with cigarette?

    oh and i just found it on wikipedia:

    "…Ed Whitacre Jr., former head of AT&T Inc. who will take over as CEO while a global search for a new one is conducted"

    LOL "GLOBAL" search for a new one? we all know that 99999% chance they are gonna find another fat middle-aged american white man who probably just finished up bankrupting something else.

  10. the only person that can save GM is a Japanese exec. or Carlos Ghosn. Period. You would have to clean house completely.

  11. Not only will GM have trouble keeping talent; but they'll have a hard time attracting any with Obama hanging around their neck like an albitross.

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