Geely EC 825

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What a pretty name for a car: EC 825…

Geely is working on yet another new Chinese mid sized sedan.
It will have a choice of engines ranging from 1.8 Liter to 2.4 Liter.

Geely is also apparently very, very close to acquire Volvo.
So close than some even expect an official announcement from Ford as early as tomorrow.

Chinese Volvos might be for real…

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  1. do they understand that the numerals are supposed to mean something? like engine displacement etc. seems like they are just throwing out random combination of letters/numbers

  2. Looks like a Chevy Cruze mated with a Mercedes (the big ugly one) and this was the result. I love the shiny black armrest. Could the dashboard be a little bit blander? Hopefully they will keep the Volvo designers, and not destroy the brand with this type of lack of design.

  3. Am I the only person who see's current generation Camry with different front and rear?

    December 22, 2009 7:45 PM

    Youre not wrong.

  4. Reck da ralls riff ralls rof rolly, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra….

    No no no no….

    But it's smiling at me….


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