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The old Honda 600…

A really, really small car.

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  1. A Sport Coupe. One of the few that have survived. Most pre-79 Hondas are gone.

    They should retro this on the Fit platform.

  2. Whats old is new. I remember these sold for about $1200. when ma Chevy Vega sold for $2,000 and a VW bug was $1600.
    Consumer groups got this and the mini Subaru banned for safety reasons and Ralf Nader then attacked the Corvair and killed an interesting platform that may have evolved into a Saturn.
    These chronic complainers now champion these mini cars and demand we all drive them. "Global warming" is now officially re marketed as "Climate change"
    Whatever happened to the hole in the Ozone layer any way?

  3. that's very cool! i remember seeing them only in orange back in the day, but there is a Honda dealer near me with an olive green one in their showroom. great street sighting!

  4. Really people… really? The 70s were a terrible time for the automotive industry. This is one reason why.

  5. All Classics:i don't know where you got your 'facts' but they're all wrong. RALPH Nader's book "Unsafe At Any Speed" was published in 1965. the first Subaru 360 was never 'banned' in the USA. it received a 'not acceptable' rating Consumer Reports in '69/70, which flatlined sales, but the govt never banned it. The Honda Z Coupe pictured here was never banned either. it was replaced in 1973 by the first Honda Civic CVCC as it was called then. NEVER BANNED. for someone that calls themselves All Classics, your timeline, spelling and info was completely wrong.

  6. There's a yellow one of those around here in the Embarcadero area of S.F.
    Haven't seen it for a while, though.

  7. There is a tuning shop about five minutes from my work that has one of these in PRISTINE condition and a B16 swap.

    It runs a low 13 second quarter mile and is the ultimate sleeper.

  8. I've made a few comments on this, but apparently since they're not too flattering of the Honda Name; they didn't get posted. People using the SAME language to describe Ford, GM, & Chrysler OFTEN seem to get posted.


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