Jay Leno drives the Volt

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What an interesting video.
Explaining the car, and taking us on the drive as well.

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  1. Too cool! This was a great video, Jay Leno is an awesome guy who appreciates the automobile and actually likes American cars. The video was very informative and it looks like the Volt, while not cheap, is going to be very successful. Good job Chevy! Eat that Turdota!

  2. My question would be if you would be able to use this in a long distance trip without having to stop and wait for the battery to recharge the car.

  3. Anon 9:29…

    Did ya watch the video? The answer to your question is yes, yes you can drive the car cross country as you would any other car.

  4. "The battery to recharge the car"???

    The gas engine charges the batteries. The car is always powered by the electric motor, NOT the gas engine.
    When the batteries are low, the gas engine turns on to recharge the batteries, which power the electric motor.

    They explain it in the video.

  5. I can't wait to see how all the self-loathing, hate anything American "journalists" are going to try and pan this car! Had GM not opened thier big mouths, they would've been able to shock (no pun intended) the world with this car and catch the Japanese flat-footed. But as it is, everyone will have an electric of some sort on the road. Will they be as useful as the Volt? Probably not if there is no range extender. Volt wins for being first and most-practical.

  6. I think they said that the gas engine does NOT charge the batteries, but it runs a generator which provides the electricity for the electric motor. The battery, I believe, can only be charged from a charger.

  7. most of the Toyota haters here can't even correctly explain how the car they are praising works. how funny.

  8. Anon 9:29…
    Misunderstandings like yours will doom this car. I think the American public is too dumb to understand technology like this, even though it isn't hard.

    Remember, most people can't set the clock on their VCR/DVD player… help us all when they get behind a vehicle like this.

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