Kia K9?

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It was just a matter of time until Kia would get to have its own car based on the RWD Hyundai Genesis sedan.
And from this illustration, or even what we’ve seen from Kia lately, it will look much more modern than the ultra conservative Genesis.

But again.. This would be quite a lot of money for a Kia. I would guess at least $36000.

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  1. Maybe Acura/Honda should hire some of Kia's design crew.

    It's a shame for a company such as Kia to more attractive design than Acura that claims to be luxurious.

    Honda should hire some new Italian designers.

  2. This looks much nicer than the Genesis. To me, the Genesis is Toyota boring and hasn't lived up to the hype. This looks much more distinctive and modern. And it doesn't look like they've ripped off anyone like Hyundai does.

  3. I'd probably like it more if the hood/bumper cutout for the headlights weren't so triangular. It would look better if they were more squared, rounding at the edges.

  4. Vince, would you care to explain to me HOW in the WORLD this Kia would be priced above the Genesis???

    Not going to happen.

  5. i've enjoyed seeing the emergence of kia's mature new design language. this illustration looks as though it might improve on hyundai's more sedate, ornate designs on the genesis.

  6. Wow, first the Cadenza then the Optima on spy shots now this with RWD. Man the Koreans are doing their s**t.

  7. "Anonymous said…
    Out with the old: Honda/Toyota
    In with the new: Hyundai/Kia & Buick/Chevrolet.

    December 13, 2009 4:48 AM"

    Honda isn't down and out cheif.

    Are you kidding with the Chevrolet/Buick comment???

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