Lancia/Chrysler prototype?

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This was sent to me by a reader and it looks like Chrysler is considering adding the Delta to the Chrysler line up.
At least in the US where we don’t have Lancia.

I am told the picture was taken in Europe, not in the US.
The Delta would be a really nice and modern looking Chrysler.

Right now, they don’t have much to offer. The minivans are still selling, and the Challenger is a cool car, the Mustang and Camaro sell much more.
Plus, the brand’s future is still up in the air and most people won’t even think of getting a Chrysler.
Re-badging seems the only choice. At least for the next couple of years.

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  1. I agree with you, Vince. Within the current range of cars, the Fiat group has to offer, the Delta probably is what comes closest to be a Chrysler. It´s elegant, comfortable, more expensive than a Fiat or an Alfa Romeo. Plus it has that special something.

    I only hope, they don´t change the back of the car, cause it´s beautiful the way it is now.

  2. Interesting prospect, but the Lancia brand is expensive in Italy. Unless they can build it on this side of the Atlantic, it doesn't seem like it would fall into the price range of a Chrysler by the time it gets over here. This model is more of a station wagon than a crossover, if they couldn't sell the Magnum, why do they think this will do any better?

  3. after Chrysler stated they have no intention of paying back the 4 billion in taxpayer money loaned to them, I doubt many Americans will buy any of their products…the government should seize their assets…also what is up with the political prisoner message in the new 300 commercial? their behavior is becoming very bizzare and erratic.

  4. Wow. Chrysler needs help. The 300 wasn't bad, the back of the car was horrible though. This car looks ok at best. I almost feel that chrysler should stick to minivans, dodge stick to trucks, jeeps stick to suvs (New GC is sick and the wrangler is fun). One thing, LET CHRYSLER HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ALFA!

  5. I like it. Bring this over here as a 5-door(same looks as in this photo..)… and I would consider this.

  6. I like it. Bring this over here as a 5-door(same looks as in this photo..)… and I would consider this.

  7. The CHRYSLER Brand's future is NOT "up in the air" any more than the Acura, Lexus, Mercedes or BMW Brands "future".

    Where do you come up with this???

  8. When we were kids we sometimes put dogcrap in a paper bag, put it on someones front porch and light it on fire. The person would come out and step on it to put the fire out. Big laughs for kids. Fiats sold through Chrysler is like crap in a paper bag on fire. Two crappy companies joining together to create some fire to once again fool the consumer.

  9. I would also like to ask why chrysler is taking the path of the chinese? They have become a cheap copy (bad might I add) of expensive cars. Back in the 90's they had a concept car that was supposed to like a talbot or a bugatti, then the wings on the chrysler emblem (made to look like the bentleys), then came the chrysler 300 series, shortly after came they're version of the Phantom and lastly they have changed the emblem again! To look like the Aston Martin emblem. This is not American designing. Chrysler needs help. Even Cadillac from GM has a design theme that has passed revolution to evolve into a beautiful design theme. This economy people realize that "Junk" is no longer acceptable. Swim or drown Chrysler

  10. just kill that useless company chrysler…this is just embarrasing…at taxpayer expence it is criminal.

  11. This is a photochop. The original photo is on Wikipedia and someone just pasted a Chrysler grille on it.

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