Mercdes E Class convertible

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Once in a while, someone comes up with a new trick. It looks like Mercedes has fixed the wind buffering problem for convertibles. Even for the back seat.
eliminating the awquard plastic net most current convertible are using now behind the back seat.
I wonder if this works.

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  1. Windshield spoiler! Wow, never thought of that. Kill two birds with one stone, wind buffeting and shield front occupants from the sun. Bravo!

    Hope they have filed patent protection for it!

  2. Hopefully it's manually retractable. Looks goofy. I would only want to use it on the highway. Or not.

  3. Gee…I wonder how long before I see some aftermarket kit offered for an Accent or Yaris or whatever those "not so Fast and very Silly looking" tuner club cars….LOL.

  4. Mercedes makes great convertibles and cars in general.

    Even my fathers old SL500 you could have a conversation at 80+MPH with the top down just fine.

  5. The 1991-1996 Toyota MR2s and 1993-1998 Toyota Supras with the sport roofs had little "eye brows" that lifted up when you took the top off..

    nothing new…

  6. No folding hardtop? Are we back in 1965??? Think I'll stick with BMW 3 & Chrysler Sebring for my convertables.

  7. "No folding hardtop? Are we back in 1965??? Think I'll stick with BMW 3 & Chrysler Sebring for my convertables."

    No, it's not 1965. Most hi-end cars still use multi-layer fabric tops. They look much better, weigh less, are just as quiet and they don't eat up as much trunk space. Other than the novelty, there aren't really any advantages of hardtop convertibles.

  8. The car looks exactly like what it is. An E Coupe 86 the roof. I would have liked a hard top such as the 3series, but am glad that it isnt because it seems that BMW has been one of the only companies to offer a 4 seater convertible with a retractable hard top that doesnt have the back hump. As for the new roof top spoiler, just another part of the car that will break

  9. replacing an awkward plastic thing with another more prominent, awkward plastic thing isn't progress. nice idea though

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