Mini Beachcomber Concept

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This is not really a new version of the old Mini Moke, like some people were hoping.
Instead, we have a slight preview of what the upcoming Mini Crossman SUV will look like.
Basically, the same thing with doors, and no outside spare …

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  1. Too bad the lack of doors and the outside spare are what make it cool and unique – almost like a modern-day IH Scout. Take those aspects of it away and you've basically got a pretty typical looking small SUV like the CRV or Equinox… nothing even remotely cool. Why do they (any carmaker) never make the unique, exciting stuff??

  2. I like it allot. Evolution over revolution is what makes Mini like other established car companies, taken seriously

  3. The design looks a little cobbled together and fake-tough looking. But I like the idea. FWIW, you can take the doors and roof off of a Wrangler. And even flip the windshield forward for real bugs-in-teeth driving.

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