Mitsubishi RVR

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What a horrible name. Reminds me of VCR, or DVR….
But that may change by the time it gets over here.

Plus, this is supposed to be the production version of the cool Concept cX from last year… Not!

This looks 100% unoriginal. And nothing like the concept.

Powered by a new 1.8 Liter engine.
Coming out in the Spring in Japan.

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  1. i don't remember the concept, but i don't think this little wagon looks bad at all. the stance is bulldog-like, the details seem to work well here, including their new large mouth. it's a bit Audi-ish, i see a bit of A3 and some Q5. maybe derivative in some ways, but i like it, from what i see here.

  2. The name is stupib but tbh the looks arent' that bad! Of course what else would we expect from Vince aka Nancy Negative, who trashes every design as soon as it comes out.

  3. Although it doesnt look like the CX concept its a nice little crossover…..this works better than the Outlander.

  4. but we KNEW this would happen.
    as before, awful, awful. and a missed opportunity.
    does mitsubishi deserve to die?

  5. Maybe it's supposed to be pronounced "Raver" for all the hip kids, LOL. Or "Reaver" for all the nerds who read 80s X-Men.

    Doesn't look bad to me on the outside. I root for Mitsu to succeed.


    This is something I would expect from the Chinese, and not Mitsubishi.

    Wow, just wow.

  7. svelte, elegant and catchy name. Looks audi..ish. I think mitsu is going to come back, better than toyota or handa quality and almost as good as a Nissan. Nice style.

  8. I'm glad it doesn't look like the concept version (which I thought was awkward looking at best). I think it looks good. It's a simple, but well executed design. If Mitsubishi can nail the details, they just might have a hit on their hands.

  9. I'd rent it. Mitsubishi is dead unless they start offering something other than me-too cars. This car won't be a blip on anyones radar.

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