More pictures of the 2011 Honda CR-Z

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I still love it.
This is obviously the Japanese version, with automatic.
So we might not get all the features shown here, like the giant sunroof. (Something they do offer on the Fit, overseas, but not in the US)

I can’t wait for this car.

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  1. Bit busy, but I like it. The vents and controls for AC/audio layout reminds me of my S2000's. Can't wait to see this car in person.

  2. Car looks pretty cool. Seats look very nice. Dashboard looks like it was designed by 3rd-graders on Ritalin.

    What a pathetic homage to the original CR-X. Honda started losing their mojo with the 2001 Civic (for that size and class), and it only got worse with the bizarre current model. They've never gotten "it" back since.

    See ya, Honda. It was a fun ride. Go back to your roots.

  3. Instrument cluster looks great. Nav screen area looks confusing. And the passenger side looks like an abomination.

  4. imho the outside looks like it started out as an attractive car …that unfortunately warped

    the inside is just a mess
    – bizarre roller-coaster bumper bar in front of the passenger
    – off-center middle (?)
    – video game in front of the "driver"

  5. I won't make any excuses for Honda if they honestly try to sell this as the progression of the CR-X. It is not!. Honda should market this as the further advancement of Hybrid technology and how hybrid is moving more mainstream. The problem is that they are ignoring two vehicles that really need a hybrid version: the CR-V and Accord 4 Cyl.

  6. If car design were run by a commitee then every car would look the same. Honda never lost "it". Honda set the bar in the 80s' and early 90s', that the other car manufacturers have slowly caught up. Toyota would not be where they are without Honda. The same could be said of Mercedes and BMW when Acura was introduced, and the exotic sports cars Porsche, Ferrari etc, would not be as reliable today if it were not for the NS-X

  7. Honda never lost "it".

    …because Honda NEVER had "it."

    To all the people saying this looks like crap; I say: "It's a Honda!"

    Simple cars for simple minds–Honda.

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