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The LED headlights are a great idea.
But why include them into a normal headlight shape.
The mixture of futuristic technology and old design looks weird. With LED headlights don’t need to be that big anymore.
Plus, they gave them a weird shape that doesn’t seem to match the rest of the car.

At the same time, I’m sure it is a great car. maybe one of the best out there.

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  1. The full LED headlights are optional, hence the headlight shape still has to accommodate traditional Xenons as well. Audi have released images with both headlight setups

  2. i've decided i don't really like this car. ditto your headlight comments, and add, boring boring shape, plus the rear end is hard for me to distinguish from the current A4 sedan. missed opportunity.

  3. They probably used that headlight shape because the LED's arn't standard, which is crazy considering this car's price. It looks like an old car already next to the new A7 Sportback.

  4. re the headlights, i'd say it's just Audi's usual cautious approach to styling. they never really rock the boat anymore, like they did with the Audi 5000 of the early 80s. it's probably a good idea though, as 'fads' don't appeal in the long run to buyers in that segment. i wonder if the LEDs are optional. some photos i've seen seem to have a different configuration in that same socket. i love seeing the A4 and A5's wave-like LEDs driving around. very distinctive and high-end looking.

  5. I am dissapointed in the new A8. It should have been a breathrough design that set the pace for the next gen smaller Audis. Instead, it looks like a bigger A4. And what's up with that weird patterned leather? Yuck.

  6. I generally think that Audi can do no wrong. But they might have missed the mark here. As a rule, the visual language of a flagship vehicle should trickle down to the cheaper models… not the other way around. This looks very smart, but it is not setting a new benchmark. As a total technology geek, frankly, pixelated LED lighting has been overdone and is not that interesting any more. It certainly should be standard on a car like this if that's all that is going to distinguish it from the others. Some of the other novelties are nice, but the style of this just doesn't set me on fire. I'm very interested to see it in person.

  7. This isn't going to do jack for them in this market.

    The S Class and 7 Series will continue to dominate.

    I'd honestly consider an Equus before buying this thing. At least it has more flare.

  8. Just also wanted to mention that Audi president states that the new A7 will be another car that people will consider for a radical design rather than the conservative A8 sedan which is for certain luxury car buyers whom do not want a radical design car. This way the A7/A8 will be sold to those price demographics with different taste. There is an article here: Read it please.

    Lool at the italics paragraph.

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