Peugeot 206 Pick up

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Peugeot is actually pretty familiar with pick ups.
Over the years they have produced pick up versions of the 403, 504 and 203 sedans.

This new one would be based on their popular 206 Model.
And it looks really cool.
Not sure if this is actually for Europe or south America where pick ups are more popular.

I think these might be a good idea in the US. Like smaller more modern versions of our old El Caminos.
Pick up versions of popular sedans.

I guess the market is actually turning more towards small trucks like the Ford Transit Connect than small open pick ups….

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  1. Vince, I love this Peugeot pickup. I'm not sure why no one has decided to push a new product: a small unibody pickup modernized with low front and rear overhands. A lot of people here in FL use pickups for light duty hauling of small trailers (jetski's etc..). Not everyone who buys pickups needs to fit a full piece of plywood in the bed.

    Subaru's failed Brat was just too plasticky and looked exactly like the Outback. If they had done it right, they could have had a great success on their hands.

  2. It is 207 vince, it is around 45mpg on 1.4 diesel engine. It can surely have on its back around 650kgs and can only tow less than its weight under "french rules"

    If you want to play with it, the engine from a Cooper S can fit nicely under the hood.

  3. I openly admit being a total geek for knowing this but its actually based on the 206+ which is sold in Europe, except the UK. Essentially its a 206 made to look like a 207. It will be sold as the Peugeot Hoggar.

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