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The 408 will be the sedan version of the popular 308 hatchback.
At least for the Chinese market. Not sure yet if this will make it to Europe. But i don’t see why not.
For once the transformation doesn’t result in a horrific looking car. And it does have a more upscale feel.

This is the 308. The sedan version has a revised and more upscale front end.

Peugeot has been making some really good looking cars lately.
I think most of their models make more sense than the Fiats we might actually be getting over here.
Maybe they should have bought Chrysler….

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  1. Actually the 308 and 408 are separate models. Revised versions of the 307 and 407 before them (306/406, 305/405 earlier). Think of these as the Golf (308) and the Passat (408). Knowing Peugeot, there will be a station-wagon version of the 308, a coupe/cabrio 308cc and a 408 coupe.

  2. Peugot may sell this as the 408 in China, but if it comes to Europe, it will be called the 308 Sedan, and the European 408 will be a separate, larger model.

  3. This 408 is a 308 with a trunk. Peugeot already announced that the replacement for the 407 will be called the 508.

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