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Yes, Riich, with 2 “i”s.
The new luxury brand from Chinese car maker Geely.

If does feel like a joke. The fact that they would even need a separate luxury brand to sell what looks like a very average car.
A loaded Malibu seems much more luxurious.

The 2.0 Liter with 170hp doesn’t scream “Luxury” either.

Maybe if people repeat the name enough times, stare at the pseudo Bentley logo long enough, they might convince themselves…

Who knows….

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  1. Indeed Riich is a sub-brand from Chery, supposed to be a luxury one. There are also other Chery sub-brands: Rely (MPV's and SUV's) and Karry (small commercial vans). In future it is also programmed a new one to be placed in an upper market level than Riich.

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