R.I.P Kia Borrego ?

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Could be.

Kia has already announced there will be no 2010 models of the big truck based SUV.
Seems almost nobody wants one.
Launched last year, just when the market was turning away from big, thirsty truck based SUV’s. Talk about bad timing.

I am sure it is a decent truck, but that’s just not what people want anymore.
The Borrego was years too late…

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  1. I look at it this way, it least Kia quickly made a correction. What took Jeep so long to kill the Commander? OH yeah that's the end of the Borrego BOf, it turning into a crossover to seat 8 passengers I hear.

  2. Truck-based? I just ASSUMED that since it was a KIA; it was a CUV (car-based). And for that reason ALONE, I never looked at one.

  3. I say why waste a good platform bof and put the familiar kia front end on it (optima) and make a medium size truck outta it ! i was really hoping for a facelift on this before they drop it..
    Im well aware toyota and nissan had not too much luck with there pickups but kia has balls to do different things and id love to see a pickup from them ! btw my local kia dealer has the new facelifted rio on there lots and no one has said a word on any blogs about it…

  4. Vince, I find myself having agreement with more of your comments in your posts. As far as the Kia Borrego is concerned I thought that this was a big mistake for them to get into this space regardless of whether the market was hot or not.

    Hopefully management at Kia have learned from their mistake and will remember to stick with the niche that is working for them, small, to midsized affordable vehicles. Period.

  5. Um no the Borrego didn't sell not because it was a big mistake but because CUVs are the thing these days. Duh, why you think the Jeep GrandCherokee is going crossover and the next Ford Explorer as well? Besides, it's rumored that the Borrego is not totally dead like hummer is that in 2011 (as a 2012 model and it's not the Sorento) some big korean CUV is supposed to debut.

  6. This isn't the end of the Borrego. They are still testing the FCEV version.
    "Hopefully management at Kia have learned from their mistake and will remember to stick with the niche that is working for them, small, to midsized affordable vehicles. Period."

    The problem isn't Kia not learning from their mistakes but Chrysler and GM first. At least they pulled the plug on this realizing that bof was out dated instead of being forced to kill models like the Commander, Jeep Campass and Patriot. Kia Sportage would kill those little cuvs and if it can't they next sportage on spy shots well.

  7. Does this platform share anything with any other vehicle? Such a waste if it goes in full after only 1 model year. I think they should make a truck out of it. It'll make the initial investment worth it….not that Hyundai/Kia are strapped for cash these days. If it were a GM product, they would have found a way to make it last for 10 more years….but of course plans like that aren't necessarily GOOD. Looks like they can more than afford to chuck a TRUCK platform. Too bad the Sorento's RWD sucessor didn't last. But once again, this was just due to bad timing. I wonder how this would have sold with the FWD Sorrento in the lineup. It would have gotten more purpose.

    Looks like the only "trunk" we'll be getting is the Soulster. It won't be able to haul anything though.

  8. "thats great news one less gypsi car on our road"
    You didn't say that when the Aspen, Commander or Campass died. YOu didn't say that when Saturn or Pontiac died.

  9. The truck version was developed but was going to be sold as a Hyundai. Hyundai realised the truck was DOA and killed it, but Kia went ahead with the Borrego which, BTW, is doing pretty well in other markets where it has a 3.0 V6 turbodiesel.

    It's kind of too bad because the Borrego is a pretty decent SUV.

  10. why do you guys think the US is the only market for vehicles? it will probably get shipped to other countries where there is more demand for this type of vehicle.

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