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Another still born.
And look at that interior. Finished and looking great.

I guess this could end up as an Opel in Europe. Maybe…
This would have given Saab a really good chance against the Q5 and X3.

Should this be produced under another brand? (It’s not like all these cars could become Saturn or anything…)

What do you think?

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  1. Why not use this for the small buick CUV? It's a ton better than the Vue rebadge they were going to do and looks premium. that way it could still compete against the Q5 and the X3. ento

  2. judging by that steering wheel, which looks like it came from the GM parts bin, i feel like this is just another outcome of badge engineering. while it looks great, functionally, this car already exists in the rest of the GM lineup. i'm not familiar with the underpinnings of the 9-5..but that is one gorgeous car i wish was produced regardless of its platform history.

  3. I think Big Brother made a big mistake by forcing the Bankrupcy of GM. One that taxpayers and car affectionados will pay for, for at least a generation. Not to mention all the pension funds that lost a lot of peoples' retirement savings because of the WAY in which this trainwreck was (mis)handled by the Federal Government.

    Saab had a LOT of very innovative product about to come out. It's a travesty to loose all that creativity & innovation after it has already been bought and paid for over the past several years.

    I truely believe "what's good for GM, is good for the country" AND VICE-VERSA. I think Auto enthusiasts (and Americans in general) have to brace for a whole slew of major dissappointments in the next 2-3 years. The demise of Saab, Saturn, Pontiac, etc. is just the beginning………….

  4. GM will not let it's newest platforms fall into the hands of the chinese. This would make a great Buick but it would probably compete against its close "cousin" the SRX.

  5. Leave it up to GM to FINALLY make a car that at least looks true to its badge, to then decide, "Hey were going to kill the company off" GM has to take car building and designing serious before anyone will take they're products serious. This vehicle (though the rear 3 quarter view of the car has a striking resemblence to other GM products in its class) does look like a step in the rite direction. Stop the BS GM and build cars that people want to keep in they're family for years instead of disposable garbage

  6. Maybe a good Buick. It's smaller than the Enclave, yes? I like this better than the small Cadillac SUV, which I believe isn't very nice.

  7. i dont have any feelings for saturn.
    SAAB had 20 years to become profitable. sorry, but you cant do anything here.

    what i really miss is PONTIAC!!!
    they should bring it back a a niche brand with roadsters and sport cars only!!!

  8. If Saab is dropped, GM won't throw away the newest Saab models because there's already plenty of chassis sharing among GM divisions.

    What was to be a Saab will end up as an Opel or other brand with the ignition key moved from between the front seats to the dashboard or steering column.


  9. i feel you are being a bit ambitious.

    In response to others, their is always a GM product that people are unhappy to kill…

  10. Buick SHOULD include this in its lineup. It's the best small CUV it could get, POINT.

    And for the 9-5, it could replace the DTS or Lucerne (but preferably the DTS) easily. These two vehicles are highly "recyclable".

  11. Who the heck in the right mind would want to buy a company with 3 models, 2 sedans and one SUV(GM based?) Better for GM to take the positives, if any, and incorporate them in their line up. Shut them down.

  12. A solution should be found. This SUV has to be a Saab. The all new 9-5 has to be produced and trust me, IT WILL SELL GREAT…


    I hope they will come up with a solution selling it asap….

    cheers from Greece

  13. Buick needs on of these…Just change the front and back end and tweak the interior. This is the Equinox platform, right?

  14. GM will skuttle Saab so that no one can have their intellectual property. They are right just to bury Saab instead of giving their competitors/Russians their design docs.

  15. "Forcing the bankruptcy of GM"?
    Do you even know how to read a SEC financial statement filing?

    YES, I do. How about yourself?

  16. THE ugly piece of shit ever, even worse than the Pontiac Ass-ztek, GM deserve to go bankruptcy with junk like this. have no idea what da heck they have been smoking…

  17. I honestly don't care that much about Saab.

    Sure, it is sad but the brand was crap anyway. The current 9-3 wasn't competitive when it was introduced around 2002, and it still hasn't been refreshed. The current 9-5 is the SAME model as it was in 1997. The 9-2X was a joke as was the POS rebadged Trailblazer 9-7x.

    A brand can't survive with only two brand new models out of three total. Saabs demise was inevitable.

  18. GM was $180B in debt when they went bankrupt…The government didn't "force" them into bankruptcy. Grow up.

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