Saab 9-5 wagon

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This does look like the real thing to me.

Let’s just hope that all parties involved do find a way to save Saab.
This looks even better than the sedan I saw.

It mostly depends on how much GM really want to sell Saab…

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  1. Saab wagons have always been handsome and this one is no exception. My family owns three Audi models – two of them are an Allroad Wagon and a regular A6 wagon (2004 2.7L Turbo and 2007 3.2L Quattro) and we love them!

    This Saab 9-5 wagon comes closest to the A6 wagons in terms of size, safety, power, and looks.

    Hopefully Saab can stay alive and bring the 9-5 sedan and wagon to market!

  2. Saab wagons to me looked like Subarus nothing special. If they are really that good of a car manufacturer, why didn't no one by them?

  3. All the UGLY Crap that Honda & Toyota dump on out shores; and this svelt, sophisticated work of art is stillborn. Such a cruel cruel world!

  4. If toyota and Honda are crap, why do you see Camry's, Accords, Civics and Corollas every 12 seconds on American Roads? They must be doing something right. Were as they are still in businss and Saab is dead.

  5. If toyota and Honda are crap….

    -and if Edsel's were crap, why is Ford still in business and Dusenburg went broke!!!

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