SAAB to resume production!

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Both the 9-3 convertible and the all new 9-5 sedan will be in production in January.
Just a few days after GM announced it was killing the brand.

Now GM says they moved the deadline to find a new buyer to January 7th.
If so, why start production? What if they can’t sell it?

It’s just really weird, but at least there is still a little bit of hope. We could actually see the new 9-5 on the road one day.
A much better though than the recent rumors about turning it into a Buick for the US and an Opel Senator for Europe.
I saw the car in person, and it is a Saab. Nothing else.

And a really good looking one.

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  1. GM is using the usual negotiating bluffing BS to get what they need. How much can you squeeze out of a 3 car company?

  2. I always felt there end of dec was just a stupid ultimatum and didnt hold any water, typical lousy Gm decisions, don't they realize we see there press releases and laugh when they cant hold there word ?
    A fine example of this was when they said they would not do a pontiac G3 and 3 weeks later they released one to there dealers, boy that was a hot seller ! theyll never learn……

  3. I have to say, I was never a fan of Saab until recently. With the new 93 and its headlight design I started feeling the… Saabness. GM has to stop this badging game! This as a buick!? Even though I like the new design of Buick, really all they are is a fake opel. So are American cars just a joke? Gm sucks

  4. Spyker is pushing to maintain production of the 9-5 and new 9-4X through their current channels and focusing the energy of the company on putting out a totally new 9-3 much earlier than normal since it is the bread and butter model. THey're also looking to raise capital to get a limited-run production model of the Aero-X….. badass! That would be a resurgent Saab if you asked me…. even people who hate Saab had to admit the Aero X was awesome.

  5. December 30, 2009 1:25 PM said: "really all they are is a fake opel. So are American cars just a joke?"

    And Lexus is a fake Toyota.

    And Acura is a fake Honda

    And Jaguar is a fake Lincoln

    And Volvo s80 is a fake Tarus/500

    And Saab is a fake Opel/Chevy

    And Maybach is a fake Mercedes S

    And Rolls-Royce is a fake 7-series

    And Bently is a fake Audi A8

    And A6 is a fake Passat.

    So, by THIS joker's opinion; I guess ALL luxury are a joke!

    Either that, or this gut is just some ignorant idiot who's prejudiced against AMERICAN Ingenuity.

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