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Looks like the Porsche Panamera could have been about as good looking as the Rapide.

I actually like the Panamera in person. But it could have looked so much better.

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  1. I personally don't think that this sketch looks better then what we got. Having seen it in person, I like it as it is, and I think tuners can makeup where Porsche didn't quite get it.

  2. The sketch will always look better than the finished product Vince, they have to account for things like… headroom. This IS a sedan after all that will be produced in larger numbers than the Rapide. Let's hope the upcoming coupe variant is more like this sketch…

  3. I have to say this car just does not look very good in pictures. But after getting a good look at it in person it is quite nice. Still, does not compare to the Rapide, but then again very little does.

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