What is this car???

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  1. wow. i'm embarrassed to say i'm stumped with this one. i'd say it's Italian, mid-late 60s styling, but it could be based on a german or japaneze chassis-there were some highly interesting international cars that used Italian design houses services back then. It's not a production Fiat Dino. i can think of plenty of cars it's not!

    good one Vince. it's gorgeous to my eyes though.

  2. great job at Id-ing folks! i googled it, and it's a Bertone design. there is no denying the Italian touch in these cars. i never knew that Simca had such a fashionable coupe. love learning new things about cars!

  3. Here's a
    vintage ad for the car.
    Warning, not suitable for work, don't go there if boobies scare you, etc, etc.

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