2009 Honda CR-Z concept video

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Last year’s concept was pretty much the same as the production model will be.
Except mostly for the wheels and lights.
A few good shots of the interior here, better than the previous grainy photos.

I must say, it’s really hard to tell if it’s a 2 seater, or a 4 seater.
I though the new CR-Z had 4 seats but from this video I’m not sure.
There is definitely “something” behind the front seats, but I can’t see any headrests back there…

Can you tell?

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  1. The way I understand it, the US will get a 2 seater while the JDM verion will be a 4 seater, same as how Honda offered the CRX.

  2. honda's dashboards lately have been horrendous! so busy, so misshapen. why is the satnav screen so far to the passenger's side, not aligning with anything? it's actually annoying me to look at it. it's a clean-sheet design, a brand new car, with a dashboard that looks like it was cobbled together from a parts bin from at least 8 different makers. it's a mess. as hot as the exterior is, if this is the real interior, they have a problem on their hands, imo.

  3. Look more carefully at the video between the times 2:11 through 2:13, you can see that there is a trunk cover (like what SUVs have–to hide your groceries or golf clubs in the trunk under). This means no rear seats (a la the original CR-X).

  4. That space behind the seats if for one heck of a big toolbox for those pesky reoccuring honda breakdowns. Or to take a nap while waiting for a tow truck. Good thing the highest-priced hondas (Acuras) have GM's OnStar. Thank god for GM innovation–What a lifesaver–especially if you had the bad judgement to waste your cash on a Honda!!!

  5. According to Honda:

    Japan/Europe: 2+2 seater
    US: 2 seater only

    Why different I don't know. Perhaps you could convert it to 2+2 in the US.

    There will be both CVT + 6 speed manual and expect price about $21-23K.

  6. I'll be trading in my Mazdaspeed3 for a CR-Z.

    I can't stand the gas mileage and the shitty transmission anymore.

  7. " Anonymous said…

    Honda = Crap.

    January 2, 2010 5:20 PM"

    You do realize that they were named Consumer Reports #1 manufacturer for 2009, right?

    You are seriously misinformed.

  8. I am excited about this. This car is perfect for the single person or childless couple in southern california. I almost bought the prius (yawn) or insight (double yawn) but decided to wait. I want mine in white with a dark interior. Honda if you are reading these…hurry the F^&* up please.

  9. January 3, 2010 7:34 AM
    Allow me to correct you. To say that ONE company is "best at everything" is like saying ALL (Men) are PERFECT golfers (just because Tiger Woods is).

    “The best vehicles are built by Honda, Subaru, and Toyota. They make well-rounded cars” (Well-rounded?—sounds more like opinion than science) “…Those are the findings of our latest automaker report cards, which reflect the performance, reliability, fuel economy.”

    (How can their OPINION reflect ECONOMY; when:
    chevy cobalt @ 37 mpg gets better economy than a civic.
    chevy malibu @ 33 gets better economy than accord
    traverse @ 24 gets better mileage than pilot and odyssey ex
    avalanche and silverado @ 21 and 22 get better mileage than ridgeline
    equinox @ 32 gets better mileage than element and CR-V


    FACT: Vehicle for vehicle, honda does not lead in ANY fuel economy stats. How can a 300 hp silverado get better mileage than a (smaller) ridgeline? Hell, the Dodge Ram has better reliability and quality than Ridgeline does. Chrysler Town and Country have better reliability than Odyssey does. Best Minivan (MotorWeek's Drivers' Choice Awards) is DODGE Caravan (NOT Honda!). (The Dodge is also a consumer’s repots “Best Buy”)
    Consumer’s then says: “… the Honda Element, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Toyota Yaris all score too low in our tests for us to recommend.” … “We still recommend all Subaru models.

    (Doesn't that make SUBURU #1 ???)

    Then they say: “Hyundai and Suzuki were the ONLY automakers that showed improvement in all three measures: overall score, average test score, and reliability. (NO IMPROVEMENT FOR HONDA) They go on to say that; "If all that consumers cared about were performance, comfort, and safety, Mercedes and Volkswagen models would go to the head of the class… those have lagged in reliability. But that has begun to change.” ( I guess they are saying that consumers don't care about these things — so Hondas that lag in these areas are the best cars in the world!)

    JDPowers lists the 4 top manufacturers as: #1-Lexus; #2-Porsche; #3-CADILLAC; #4-Hyundai.


    Honda is rated worse than Hyundai.

    Consumer’s Digest lists only THREE Honda’s in the “Best Buy” category. They list THREE Chrysler products; 3- Toyotas; TWELVE (12) Fords (16 if you count Mazda & Volvo) and Thirteen (13) GM products as BEST BUY. (2010 models).


    Consumer's Digest seems to CONTRADICT THEMSELVES HERE.

    In other reviews; the 2001 Honda Civic is rated as the #3 WORST vehicle of all-time by CarComplaints.com, based on reports from owners.
    According to Honda Complints.com: The 2008 HONDA Accord has the more problems than ANY new vehicle from any manufacturer—EVER!
    "Transmission failure with the Honda Civic is widespread. Many of the transmission failure complaints are caused by the torque converter failing – the engine will rev up but the car won't shift into gear or move; causing the torque converter to burn up the transmission fluid and ruin the transmission."

    As if poor design isn’t enough of a problem for Honda (Crosstour, CRV, Pilot, etc); the “Save the Earth” people are suing Honda; saying the use of "Save the Earth in a commercial for the Civic, wrongly implies the group's endorsement of the car as environmentally friendly. IT’S NOT! Foundation chief Neal Pargman said in a statement: "We aren't affiliated with [Honda] and we don't endorse them,"

    I guess if the 1 Honda you bought was O:K and the 1 Toyota you bought wasn't; you think Honda is #1. But LOTS of us have had the opposite experience with Honda.

    Hence, my conslusion: Honda = Crap. (albeit Politically correct Crap.)

  10. 2002 Honda Accord EX 3.0 V6 at 44,000 baby miles "death of transmission" code P0780…flashing of D4 and engine check light on. ABS locked up with all the errors my engine was producing due to failure of Honda's transmission. MUST FAIL COMPLAINT WITH NHSTA.org to get results. Honda just offered a little bit of money…I'm going to fight!!!!!!!!!! Wanted me to pay for a tow to & from Honda, engine diagnostic $100.00, and $3,000 plus. It's NOT going to happen!!!! I will tell everybody and every forum about Honda. I will never buy another Honda again! To think people are having to continuously replace their tranny over and over again. What a waste of money.

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