2010 Ford S-Max and Galaxy

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The S-Max and its larger cousing have been upgraded for the 2010 model year.
As usual, this will not be seen over here. (Although I remember some rumors last year…)
They still look much better than almost any other minivan out there.
Especially the smaller S-Max.
Much nicer than the upcoming C-Max.
(The one we ARE getting here next year)
Engine choices include the all new 2.0 Liter Ecoboost with over 200hp.

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  1. Ford has some real cool european cars and I believe that as the US sees gas prices similar to europe that slowly they will make they're way over

  2. with econo Fords looking this good; it's hard to imagine where a new Volvo V40 would have fit into the mix.

  3. Not really a minivan. More like a microvan. Hard to see why they'ld make 2 cars so identical in size.

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