2010 Opel Meriva

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Showing what GM calls Flexdoors.
I think it looks really good. And could compete here with cars like the Element and the Scions.
But GM could only sell it as a Buick.
Is it too small and funky for a Buick?
Or could it be just what they need to finally attract younger buyers?

Top of the line engine is the 1.4 Liter Turbo with 140hp. Same engine we are getting in the Chevrolet Cruze later this year.

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  1. Well, it's got the same exterior styling elements as the forthcoming Buick Regal and Buick Verano, so, as long as the interior is premium, yes, it could be a NA Buick. What is supposed to be the advantage of Flexdoors?

  2. I like this a lot better than the Cruz, which I'm already sick of. I think that this could sell as a Chevy alongside the Cruz because it would likely appeal to totally different car buyers. It has a funky European look, whereas the Cruz looks conventional and Korean. This would not make a good Buick. Buick is doing a good job at going upscale at the moment.

  3. sliding rear doors would be better than suicide style which are awkward and trap people between parked cars or can crush you if another car hits the door when it's open.

  4. Looks really nice, let's hope the base spec car looks as good. As for Buick, why not? Then again why should Buick attract younger buyers? They should stick to their tried demographic

  5. Looks great. I'm happy they didn't water down the (already quite production-oriented) concept. I hear it will be produced exclusively in my country, Spain, like the previous generation.

  6. Why not as a Chevy???

    I like the sucicide doors; but doubt that familys with small kids would feel safe putting the kids behind sucicide doors.

  7. i think it could absolutely be sold as a premium small car by Buick. i would not think it would compete with Scions though, they're too low-end. i would see this as a small but premium family car, for smart younger people that realize they don't need 5000lbs of crossover or SUV to handle their growing family needs. the interior would have to be as exceptional as the Enclaves. This could not be marketed as a price-leader, or even entry level. US buyers have to stop equating small size with cheap-to-buy. Small and lean, should be marketed as smart and contemporary. smart buyers should be able to satisfy their global-green needs without feeling like they're in a penalty box. small should be perceived as smart and responsible, not cheap.

  8. Superfunky for an Opel. They are the first to re-introduce suicide-doors. I would never ever thought of Opel to be the first one in anything.

    Especially compared to the current gen Meriva, this looks great.

  9. Alrite… Its an interesting car, I actually kind of like the style here. The side mirrors placed on the doors…Not a huge fan. The way they placed the side sculpts into the design is nice. The drop in the rear window is a lil weird, sort of similar to the hyundai genesis coupe. The drop of the rear window is not cool. Def not a buick

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