2011 BMW 5 series video

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  1. Yaaa the 5 series is back, the front looks like it went on a diet and finally has some awesome tail lamps once again, the last version was soo dreadfull…..

  2. It's not a bad looking car but I really feel that BMWs interiors could be so much better. Maybe I'm just bias because I sell them but the interiors in the newer Acura's have a much better modern appeal than this BMWs. I know, bring on the Acura design haters…

  3. It's difficult to get excited over something so boring. What has happened to BMW? I can't blame it all on Bangle, but boy did he help send the brand down the toilet.

  4. Please don't compare those hideous Acura interiors with BMW interiors. Acuras look like 1980s video games these days, so busy and unharmonious mash-up of textures and shapes

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