2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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With 556hp.
You can get it with a 6 speed auto as well as a proper 6 speed manual.
Something that seems to be disappearing these days. A real manual transmission…

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  1. Though I am a fan of the CTS and DO NOT mind Hatchbacks, this car would have looked better sans the hatch like rear

  2. the CTS coupe is the only car in recent memory, that really makes me want to drive a new car. i'm not sure i'd go for the V coupe, the regular V6 would be just fine with me. just to see these lines in my driveway, to see it from every angle, upstairs and down, would make my decade… ain't never gonna happen.

  3. "Sorry, but I cannot get over the vertical tail lights. The weakest part of the design in my book."

    Really? I haven't seen the coupe in person but I love the vertical lights on the sedan. Especially the way they are tilted forward, it just looks like it's ready to pounce. They're incredibly stately and the best interpretation of Cadillac's signature vertical design that I've ever seen. This car is damned sexy.

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