2011 Chevrolet Aveo

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Not much to see, yet.
The new Aveo should return as a hatchback and a sedan.
I guess this could be competing with the Fiesta in the US. But at a cheaper price point.
We’ll see if it looks as good and upscale as the new small Ford…

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  1. This is assinine!!! I hate it when companies release pics like this. It does'nt show anything! AT ALL!!! Show me a newly designed curve in a fender or a new headlight or something new or significant……oh…….I think I get it now…….there's probably nothing new or significant so the best they can do is show us the rear wheel.

  2. Nice tarp. What's underneath it? A tire rack? a golf cart? If the tarp is over 10' in both directions, I'll take 2, please! We're gonna repaint the barn next week.

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