2011 Honda CR-Z

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These stills are taken from a video.
Seems like the new Honda won’t be such a big surprise when it does officially show its face later this month.

I still like it very much. Sure the interior is busy, but it still looks fun to me.

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  1. This is one cool looking car. Its interesting BUT un offensive. I think what will be the big deal breaker is the MPG's. Even though people will by it for its looks and the fact that its a honda, I would like to know that a company known for small engines for effeciency could build a hybrid that's extremly efficient.

  2. I'm really starting to DISlike this – looks like 2 cars cut-together – at the hood cutline, none of the lines seem to flow thru &
    at the trunk cutline, looks like one car DROPPED on top of the other
    the dash is a joke imho

    three thumbs down

  3. The steering looks like it was lifted right out of the current Elantra.
    The front nose looks like a disjointed Volvo, the headlights scream Mazda.

    The expected MPG from this wretch is somewhere in the high 20s.
    My how the mighty Honda have fallen.

  4. Not loving the busy dashboard, but the rest of the interior is nice. What's truly strange, that I haven't seen anyone pick up on is how closely the design language of the dashboard is to the new Ferrari 458 Italia, although with cheaper materials, of course. In a $210,000 Ferrari you get stitched leather and aluminum trim, in a Honda you get decent quality plastics. But look at the shapes of the instrument recesses, with a large central tach (in the Ferrari) or speedometer (CR-Z), which bulges above two flanking squared off units. Secondary controls are grouped into pods with the vents, and of course anything that can be crammed onto the three-spoke steering wheel is. Now your typical blogger will whine about Honda copying Ferarri (which is absurd, since the Ferrari JUST came out). However, I think both companies are trying to fulfill some sort of jet fighter pilot fantasy. The exterior designs on both cars with their exagerated angular cut lines owe much to the F-117A Nighthawk and F-22 Raptor. I'm just not sure I like it. I owned two second generation CRX-Si's, and all in all, I think it was a must better design inside and out.

  5. Honda needs to farm out it's snout designs to China. They all look nose-heavy, or like Road Warrior armored vehicles. That BYD Accord rip-off looks way better.

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