2011 Kia Sportage

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New all new Sportage will be a much better looking car than the current one, that’s for sure.
Seems that with this and the new Tucson, Hyundai/Kia will have very strong offerings in the segement.

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  1. i miss the days when most new cars were introduced at auto shows… Like this, Kia had a perfect opportunity to introduce this at detroit. There were maybe 3 cars introduced at the show this year, and only 2 concepts. This just takes away so much of the excitment of auto shows. Car makers almost always leak photos now…. its a shame

  2. Kias and Hyundais all look alike. They announce a new one and it looks like the last one, which looked like the previous one. I'm really not impressed by this. The wheels look dumb.

  3. "Kias and Hyundais all look alike."
    The Outlook and Traverse look alike too you didn't say that. If this was a GM you wouldn'td have said they look alike. All of a sudden Hyundais and Kias can't use the same platform. But GM can. Besides, this don't look nothing like the Nissan Murano.

  4. This is very attractive. The side windows are small (as in many modern cars), so I wonder about visibility. Visibility is one safety feature that has taken a backseat to other concerns.

    Still, this looks very, very nice. Hyundai has been great for Kia in terms of quality and style.

    Since I've never owned an American car in my 45-year life, and after my last experience with Honda, I'm about ready to say "Honda who?" and "hello Hyundai/Kia."

  5. "I had a sigh of relief when I saw the front end is indeed distinguishible from the new Sorento."

    Yeah unlike the 2010 Outlander's face which is just pasted from the Lancer which came from the VW Iroc concept.

  6. "That looks like a bad chop."

    What's wrong jealous because they made this look better than your Outlander? The only similarties between this and the outlander is the D pillars and even they don't look nothing alike compared to the Toyota Avalon's C pillar that came from the VW Phaetoms C pillar. I can get cars from A -Z So come on all you guys ready to say what it looks like I can get from Acruas to Volvos.

  7. "I'm about ready to say "Honda who?" and "hello Hyundai/Kia.""

    Plus it will be rare you want see these every .05 of a second. Also I been noticing how the Koreans have been winning awards lately so that means it will be rare on the roads with good quality.

  8. "The Outlook and Traverse look alike too you didn't say that. If this was a GM you wouldn'td have said they look alike. All of a sudden Hyundais and Kias can't use the same platform. But GM can. Besides, this don't look nothing like the Nissan Murano."

    I'm afraid you have me confused with a GM fanboy. If Hyundai and Kia want to follow GMs old playbook, fine. The reality is that GM has shed half of its brands and is a failed company because they produced vehicles that were indistinguishable from one another. If these lazy designs work for you, don't blame be because I'm not lowering my standards.

  9. What you mean lazy designs. I lazy designs is taking the Lancer's face and putting it on the the 2010 Outlander's Or taking the Rave-4's side and putting it on the next Lexus RX. This may look like the Sorento in the face but it's not just click and paste like the rest of them. Is the Cadenza a Lazy design? what about the Next Sorento? Or the Soul? or the Kue, Venga or even the Kia Mojave or Kia Mesa. What exactly is a lazy deisgn to you?

  10. Hyundai and Kia ain't following GM's old playbook. GM is following the Koreans current play book by using the same platforms and differing the designs. Why do you think this doesn't look like the Nissan Murano but the Tucson does? Why is it the GMC Terran doesn't look like the Mercedes M class but the Equinox does? Don't be jealous because the Koreans are finally getting the hang of things and that Chevy Cruze want be able to get the attention it needs because of the next Focus debuting.

  11. And besides the Kia Kue Arrived before the outlander was thought of. Just like the Kia Mesa was used to design the Subaru Forester, Suzuki XL7 and Chrysler Aspen and the Town N Country van.

  12. Lazy designs? So that makes the Toyota Turndra a lazy design since it was copied from the VW Iroc concept huh? Like the Honda Cr-Z and the Lancer? Right? As well as the Volvoo 3 door. All from the VW Iroc concept. .

  13. Whatever. Dragging other automakers into this doesn't change the net fact that this thing looks like every other Hyundai/Kia SUV and is unoriginal with the exception of the plastic bits. No different than the Trailblazer/Saab/Bravado/GMC SUV. Unimpressed. Ghetto aftermarket looking wheels.

  14. So what I cang get every car maker that is unoriginal too. What are you from LaLa Land? You think Hyundai and Kia are the only copy cats? Oh please whatever back at you. The Camry's headlights came from the Acura TL's. The Honda Pilot looks like a Jeep with the Scion's XB's back end. The Ford Taurus' face came from the 1996 Nissan Altima. The Pontiac G8's greenhouse came from the 2005 Nissan Altima's. The Toyota rave-4's D pillar came from the 1st generation Suzuki XL-7's. I can go on forever and ever. I can turn this into a novel. Want me too? I can get cars you never even thought copied off someone else. Take the 1997 Camry's back lights they came from the Chevy Caprece back in the 80's. Now WHAT?

  15. Don't get mad at me because I know your favoirte car compnay Honda and Toyota copy too. If not why does the Fit look like a Chey Aveo? Why does the Toyota IQ look like a smart? Why does the Smart's tailights come from the HHR? Why is it that the Toyota Avalon's C pillar look like it came from the VW Phaneton? Huh? F Kia and Hyundai's designs. How you going to talk about them when Toyota is doing it too. The next Nissan Armanda has the Land Rover Range rover's A pillars. I can get any make and model.

  16. If you look at recently desesed Saturn Vue's rear end it is a rip off of the 2003 Kia Sorento. Speaking of 2003 Kia Sorento, remember how people said it looks like a Lexus RX. I can name many SUVs with pillars like that. The first generation Saturn Vue, First generation MDX, Mercedes M class, new Chevy Equinox, Honda Pass port, first generation Kia Sorento, Toyot 4 Runner did I miss any? But it's only the Sorento that looks like something else everyone else was original at that time right?

  17. Now lets get the Audi A6's greenhouses. Ford 500, Toyota Avalon. Now lets get the 2010 Infinti's M's greenhouse that came from the 2009 LaCross. Look at the lights on the Saturn Aura it looks like it came from the Toyota Avalon's. I told you remember me, I'll be on all blogs all forums leaving the trade marke "I can get cars from A to Z" Remember that PARTNER.

  18. Headlights. Porche, Dodge Neon, Mini Cooper, Jeep.

    Tailights. Outlander, 2nd generation Lexus RX. If it were a Kia Outlander, people would have siad that.

    Side profiles, Mazda 3, Jeep Compass, Outlander, Vibe (now dead)

    Tailights, The old Chevy Lumina van, CR-V, Saab, Volvoo, mada 5, Focus 3 door, But no one said nothing about that until the Kia Cee'd SW came out.

  19. Right on. And "I can get cars from A to Z" man don't forget your other trademarke. The Tundra, Lancer and IRoc concept. You can't forget that. When you first said that, my eyes opened up. I am now out of Pee Wee Herman Land.

  20. Right on I can get cars from A to Z. Right on. So what if the nex Tucson looks like the Murano Chyrsler has their version too no one said that.

  21. The Honda CR-Z's design is nothing but the VW Iroc concept that got hit by an ugly stick. Now what January 19, 6:10 P.M. Don't like that don't you? Did you see the teaser of the Kia's version of the Volt? Huh?

  22. The old Saturn L300 that midsize sedan's greenhouse looks like the 1992 Ford Taurus. I can get cars from A to Volvo. Remember that. Funny I checked out the unoriginal outlander (it looks like an Audi front with 2nd Lexus RX tailights) and I don't see any simiularities with the side profiles. But I see simularities on the Toyota Venza's headlights that came from the Ford Edge's. I see simiularities on the 2002 Lagacy greenhouse and 2004 Infiniti M's greenhouse.

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