2011 Mazda6

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Mazda keeps revising all its model’s front ends to match the Mazda3, and most of the time, it just doesn’t fit.
The Mazda6 is one of the best looking sedan sold in the US, and it doesn’t need anything.
This doesn’t really ruin it, but it’s no improvement either.

I guess the next one will have “waves” on the sides, like the new Mazda5….

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  1. Well at least it doesnt have a gigantic smiley face on it, not sure why mazda thinks we want smiley faces, id rather have a frown or mean pissed off looking car ! lol

  2. Vince, i agree. They should leave well-enough alone. The 6 has always been a great car; in part, because it was always better-looking than the competition. While this new rendition is still better than a Camry, Accord, Sonata, or any of the 6's other contemporaries– this newest version isn't quite as nice as the 2009. Especially in the front.

  3. I still think that the styling misstep with the Mazda 6 is that cheap, painted out "C" pillar that's supposed to look like a quarter window. That kind of styling subterfuge (or attempted subterfuge) is tawdry and makes the car look like entry-level crap.

    The Mazda 3 is a better looking car IMO.

  4. I think that's the Japanese model. Ours, though it looks similar, is a different car. At least they didn't put all that black plastic on the front like on the 3!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can see it now….A HUGE gaping maw intake on the front with the wavy creases on the side, and to top it all off, a BIG ASS BLACK PLASTIC SPACER ON THE C-Pillar.

    Well this is the proposed Atenza so I'm guessing there will be slight changes from this and our actual 6.

  6. Yeah, that is the Japanese and Euro-Model. So we get it here in Germany. It may not be an improvement, but it looks good to me.

  7. Why did it need a facelift so soon? Besides it was nothing wrong with it. The prefacelift looked better.

  8. Oh well at least it is rare unlike the every 12 second Camry and Accords on the road. So it'll still stand out.

  9. I am not sure what it is about the 6. It is a competent car, but it comes across a little boring. I guess I had gotten excited with the original photos during its introduction. And then we got the….."US version" look. I agree……whatever!

  10. The 6 is a really nice car to drive.
    I like the one I had for a week much better than the Camry or Accord.
    But tons of people still won't look at anything else than a Honda or a Toyota.

    It's just too bad…

  11. Vince, Mazda dealers are lot fewer and farther in-between. While Honda + Toyota are not on every street corner, they are a lot more convientent when dropping off a car for service at least where I live. For me, that makes a big difference. If you work that way, and a dealer is 180 degrees the other way and the dealer is 10-15 miles away, that does make a decision on what you buy.

  12. Funny you say that, Anon guy (so ridiculous that you allow this, Vince)…the few and far between dealer factor doesn't stop folks from queuing up for BMWs and Benzes in droves.

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