2011 Mini Countryman

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Here it is. Finally.
The 1st official pictures of the long awaited “Mini SUV”.
For my taste, I hate the  black wheels.

So I can’t really comment on the look of the car yet.

But the idea of a Mini SUV is shocking to a lot of people I’ve been talking to.

We’ll see how this works out.

More on this very soon….

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  1. Wow it seems so much bigger and more practical than the clubman NOT !!! I guess if ya just gotta have 4wd and less space this car is for you.. lets hope they overprice it big time so ill never see any !

  2. What was that 'thunking' noise? It seemed to come from the direction of Issigonis's grave..
    I do still think this was your mystery disguised car from earlier this month by the way.

  3. I like the evololution of the Mini style, but looking at the suv, makes you wonder what took so long? It is what it is, a taller mini with awd and 4 doors. Hey u think that they will make a cabrio?

  4. So it will be $30,000 before any worthwhile options are added.

    Worthless and overpriced, like all Minis.

  5. I like minis, they are goodlooking fun to drive small. This thing is GL, it will be fun to drive but has fattened up a little. The thing I hate the most is their subpar reliability and $$$$$$.

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