2011 Porsche Cayenne

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Now with almost no camouflage, except some on the lights.

It does look a bit more sophisticated. Maybe even more feminine.
But it does also look less like a Porsche, I think.
I mean, without the headlights, it could very well be the new Touareg. Or a more rounded Lexus.

But this is a big money maker for Porsche, so… What do I know…

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  1. From the rear it kinda looks like the Rogue.. or even a Murano a bit. So is Porsche rebadging Nissans now?

  2. Looks more like the first generation Hyundai Sante Fe combined with Infiniti FX. Porsche should stick to producing sports cars.

  3. It's just bland, bulbous and nondescript. I agree with ACarDesigner, it looks like a Hyundai. But fat cats will line up to buy it just because of the badge.

  4. Hyundai!? OK in the 2nd picture the front fender flare to the back of the A-pillar looks similar to the Hyundai. I could see the the previous infiniti fx on the rear hatch. LOOKS NOTHING like a Nissan Rouge. I could see a lil bit of the current Lexus RX

  5. I saw this post when there were already 7 responses and before reading them wondered if anyone else thought it looked like the first-gen Santa Fe.
    This is simply amazing on at least two levels…
    Sirst, there's not a single styling element that is identifiable "Porsche".
    Second, who would ever have thought that Porsche would copy Hyundai styling? Does this mean the next 911 will look more like an Excel?

  6. Jezus this is awful. Their sedan sucks and this looks like a goddamned Lexus RX egg or some Hyundai crap. Of course it has the obnoxious LED running lights which are supposed to show us all that it's "sporty." Have they just given up and dumbed-down their vehicles to appeal to Dubai, the Chinese or some fat family who lives on a New Jersey cul-de-sac? Really, what the hell is happening? I can't even look at the Porsche showroom lately. Argh!

  7. Gen 1 looked like a very ugly Porch design from about 1978. This looks like a bad Subaru design. Oh well. You don't have to have brains or taste – just money.

  8. I don't know what on earth people buy this butt ugly shit, however, make what's selling out there is the right thing to do from manufacture point

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