2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

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The Cayenne will be all new for 2011.
The ones driven on these pictures by the “Autocar” crew still have some light camouflage, but we can a good idea of what the final production model will look like. A lot less original than the current one.
You can take out the “Porsche front end” and it could be pretty much anything.
The new Hybrid model will get a 325hp V6 with an electric motor for a total of 375hp.
It can be fully electric at speeds up to 31mph.
The motor and the four wheel drive system are both from Audi.
What does make a Porsche a Porsche? Really…

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  1. I think that you are being harsh. The current suv EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT END is absolute boring and Brandless. The tail lights, the sides everyrhing. The only reason one could say differently is because the current design was the first integration of a porsche with 4 doors. I think porsche did the best they could do, and it looks at least 10 times better then the current suv

  2. Why bodering doing a hybrid has a porshe??? I wouldn't buy a Cayenne if i wanted to have a better MPG…

  3. The Cayenne is worthless. I wouldn't buy a sports car from Land Rover, why would I buy a SUV from Porsche? They even had to cancel an entire model year because of slow sales.

    Wow, a SUV with a big engine. I can get that from pretty much anybody. And not dumb down the brand doing so.

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