2011 VW Jetta Video

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We can’t see much yet, but it does seem a little bit more stylish than the current model.
Although the interior seems like a step down compared to the new 2010 Golf/Jetta wagon.

Maybe it’ll move down in price to make room for the “cheaper than Passat” new mid sized sedan we are getting right after the Jetta.

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  1. I hope thats camoflauge in the interior because it looks like they have a lot of add on crap on the dash. It does'nt look like a clean design. They say the interior is improved but it looks like a huge step backwards. VW is well known for having really nice, good quality interiors so I'm betting its interior camoflauge.

  2. Who cares if it is good looking.

    My A6 was a great looking car but IT NEVER WORKED PROPERLY!!!

    I will never again own a VW product, be that an Audi or VW.

  3. I think they are right. It looks very much like the Polo.
    Except for the interior which does look much worse than any other recent VW.

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