2012 Cadillac ATS?

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Looks like it.
Cadillac is supposed to work on a car smaller than the CTS. Unlike the Saab based BTS, the new car will be RWD.

This could also be the production version of last year’s Converj Concept.
The Cruse based electric small Cadillac is said to have been given the green light.
They might have turned it into a 4 door car and toned it down a bit.

Who knows…

What do you think???

(Thanks to a reader for this.)

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  1. I don't think this is the Converj–I'm pretty sure they're going to keep the production version a two-door, to distinguish it from the Volt.

    So yes, my vote is for ATS.

  2. I disagree. GM is trying to achieve for the Cadillac electric car the same design letdown they did between the concept Volt and production Volt.

    I live in hope they're saving the best Converj design elements for the ATS coupe.

  3. I don't care, I like it. Perfect as a hatch. Yes plz. Between this, the Regal GS and the G8 GXP–oh wait.


  4. although i'm fairly certain the Converj will become a 4 door, i think this is the ATS. and i think it's quite fetching! the interior needs to be a step up from all of it's competition though.

  5. I think the angle of the picture and the camouflage make it look like a hatch but it's not.
    Just like the CTS Coupe can look like a hatch from some angles.

  6. What's wrong with a sleek looking hatchback? the truck would be much easier to access, and the look wouldn't be affected. Just have a look to the hatchback Insignia and you'll see that GM can make them pretty nice looking.

  7. Bummer. The last thing the world needs is another me-too styled green car. I love the idea of the Converj sporty coupe and was waiting for it to be announced. If it was in the 40-55k range, it would be perfect for me. The Tesla too expensive and the range is way too limited for me. The Lexus HS is a joke. I'll have to wait and see about this sedan. But I'm not planning on running to the Cadillac showroom like I was when it was the coupe concept.

  8. Well if its not a hatch thats gonna be the shortest trunk ever ! what is it 2 inches between the rear glass and the chisml ??? it also kinda looks like a dog taking a dump in the rear ! id also hate to rear end it with my f-150 cause that glass is gonna break !
    It always pisses me off when someone got this close and took this pic, but didnt get the other car or the front or the interior !!!!!

  9. Yeah, THAT's what Cadillac needs. After years of effort to set it apart from the rest of GM's lineup, they need rebadged Saabs.

    Tool. Not you, I'm just listening to Tool right now. I still think Saabillacs is a bad idea though. Saab could be so cool on its own, they just need to differentiate like Cadillac did!


  10. Okay.

    I'm beginning to think this is fake. I don't have a problem with hatchbacks (and this would certainly have to be one), I just don't think Caddy would take a risk that big on a premium product without at first introducing a sedan.

    Just a hunch – I could be completely wrong.

  11. This is fake, it's a mash of old spy photos, the tailights are from the Cadillac one. Also note the missing rear passenger-side wheel.

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