2012 Ford Focus video

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Both the hatch and the sedan look great.
And the interior seems above anything else in the class.

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  1. Must be a dark day for Chevy. First Ford wins the Car and Truck of the year awards, then the Focus premiers making the Chevy Cruze look like it is ten years old already. This Focus is a good looking little car. The Cruze interior has more bling (like a mini-Malibu) but the Focus looks more sophisticated and upscale. I hope Ford can keep their quality up when they are producing all of those cars next year.

  2. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing on this! I have never said that about any domestic car ever. Let alone any small domestic car. This is perfect. Ford should also offer the RS version to US buyers.

    This blows away just about everything in its class.

    Bravo Ford! Now keep it up!

  3. i hate the front and back. the middle is nice though… :/

    is the mondeo gonna replace the fusion at some point?

  4. They should make the driving dynamics the same as the European one. Great job, from someone who has never considered a Ford!

  5. Looks like Ford has a winner on it's hands. Save for the weird shape of the rear tail-lights on the rear side fenders, the design is pretty clean and sophisticated. Sadly, it really one-ups the yet-to-be released Cruze, who's styling seems seems a bit less grown-up. If GM wants something to compete with this head-on (and rumour has it Ford might be pricing the Focus higher with the Fiesta now on the lost) they need to rebadge the new Astra as a low-cost Buick as a decent alternative.

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