2012 Ford Focus

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Here it is, the real thing. Finally.

It’s pretty much everything everyone wished for in a Focus . And more.
And the sedan version also looks really good.

From these pictures, it looks like the old, and now rather dated looking, Fusion will have a hard time.

I say dump the Fusion. I don’t think they really need anything between this much more upscale Focus and the new Taurus.

here is what Ford is saying:

• Next-generation Ford Focus makes its worldwide debut at 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit

• Focus spearheads Ford’s new generation of global C-cars, all based on a common platform that will underpin up to 10 vehicles around the world and account for 2 million units of annual production by 2012

• Stylish new range provides customers with class-leading new technologies, features and craftsmanship

• New Focus targets exceptional fuel economy, and advances acclaimed levels of driving quality

• New range will start production simultaneously in Europe and North America in late 2010 and go on sale early in 2011. Asia, Africa and South America production will follow

Sleek, stylish and sporty, both the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body styles of the next-generation Focus are previewed prior to their production start for Europe and North America late in 2010 and market launch early in 2011.
For the NAIAS preview, Ford is showing a completely new 2.0-liter gasoline engine for the North American market that features DI and Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. The new 2.0-liter DI Ti-VCT engine is up to 20 horsepower more powerful than the current 2.0 Duratec I-4 unit while contributing to projected fuel economy gains of more than 10 percent.

To maximize the performance and economy advantage enjoyed by the new Focus, the 2.0-liter DI Ti-VCT engine is mated with the latest dry-clutch six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission. This transmission uses an advanced dual-clutch design, which alone can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9 percent compared to a traditional four-speed automatic.

The dry-clutch PowerShift transmission is based on more efficient manual gearbox technology, and does not require the additional weight and complexity of torque converters, planetary gears and oil pumps used in conventional automatics. Electronically controlled twin clutches shift gears quickly and smoothly, providing the seamless flow of torque plus the refinement and ease of operation customers expect from a premium automatic transmission.

Ford also has confirmed plans to begin building a full, battery electric vehicle in 2011 at its Michigan Assembly Complex, for sales in North America. It will be the company’s first battery electric passenger vehicle.

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  1. dump the fusion? whats wrong with you?

    this new focus is awesome, but its a compact.

    you suggessting that ford, after making such HUGE strides in the mid size market again, abondon it and leave a gaping hole between their compact and their full size?

    look at it another way. If this is the new focus, think of whaty an ALL NEW FUSION will bring in a few years.

  2. I really like the sedan version of the new Focus. I have been wanting to return to driving an American brand for the last couple of years. This is the car that will do that. Can't wait to trade my Honda Civic EX-L in for this.

    Vince I disagree with you about the mid size Fusion. Ford needs a car to bridge the gap between the Focus & the full size Taurus. Besides right now the Fusion is Fords best selling car after the F-150. Won Motor Trends 2010 car of the year & is on Car & Drivers 10 best list. A complete redesign will coincide with the next gen Mondeo in a few years. Looking forward to seeing that too. WAY TO GO FORD!

  3. Ford hits another one out of the ball park. What a great looking car!

    I think they need to keep the Fusion though. I would anticipate another signficant style change in 2 years to minic the direction of the Mondeo.

    Now – lets see that Kuga / Escape replacement!

    Betweetn the Festiva, Fusion, Focus, Taurus, Edge (new one), Flex, Mustang and F150 – how on earth is Chysler / Toyota or even GM for that matter going to compete??

  4. the design is much better than the current US Focus, but it has some odd details for sure. from what i've read, the platform/drivetrain is fantastic, with extremely high quality interior etc. it's a hugely important redesign for Ford.

    i'm flummoxed by the different gas caps on the sedan and hatchback. the hatch's is oddly built-in and completely smoothed over, interplaying with the bumper cutlines, but the sedan's is old-fashioned round with a 3D finger grip. it looks like they could have used the same, or a very similar, cover on both. i know it's picky.

    completely disagree with your idea to drop the Fusion. the Fusion is a huge seller, has won several awards this year, and has the great Hybrid model. i'd say it's actually overdue for a complete restyle, not just a head/tail job again, but i think there would be a gaping hole in the lineup if they jumped from the Focus to the Taurus. i don't see the average Fusion buyer moving up comfortably to a Taurus, and many of them probably wouldn't go for a Focus either. i think a lineup of Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus, is class-leading, sales-leading and not too many irons in the fire… they could stand to add some coupes to the lineup, and perhaps a wagon or convertible too.

  5. love it. just weird enough in spots to keep it interesting.
    AND, i even like the sedan, which is quite a feat. i'd like to see how close in length the focus sedan is to the fusion, tho the next mondeo/fusion will probably go up in size, too…

  6. Good job, Ford. Really nice interior, and both the hatch and sedan are attractive. I can't see from the photo, but I'm hoping the speedometer isn't set up to go to 140 – I think it's a waste of space when most Americans aren't able to access the right side of the gauge. Just go to 85 or 90 and spread out the numbers around the dial.

    Here's what I'm hoping they also offer: folding side mirrors, a locking fuel door, and a station wagon that has a long, boxy cargo area (like the old Accord or Camry wagons).

    Re the Fusion, it seems to be one of the better selling, more reliable domestic sedans. It does its job without the oversize exterior and cramped interior of the Taurus.

  7. I heard that *Maybe* we will get (after the 5 door and sedan are launched) a coupe and a 3-door version of the Focus.. I Hope This Happens.
    With VW showing that coupe, and rumors of Toyota/Scion dropping the fwd 3-door tC, within a year….
    Ford could maybe get a few cross-shoppers,or people who bought the tC..would consider a 3-door Focus?

    I don't know..but hope they don't mess up.

    I recall old reports of USA supposedly getting up to 5 version( 1 was the C-Max, iirc, and then the coupe and 3-door hatch).

    Hope they didn't change their minds.

  8. Like the hatch much better than the sedan. This is no fusion substitute and the taurus is just WAY BIG, like the old crown vic. btw the fusion hybrid just won the car of the year award at the NAIAS.

  9. That's one of the greatest looking Ford Focus, ever hitting North America in history. It will be a crucial success for Ford! Way to go, Ford! You've made Americans proud!! 🙂

    Dump the Fusion? NO! That is not the answer for Ford because the Ford will need a mid-sized sedan alive in the market… so basically, I know ford will bring Mondeo sedan to North America, rebadged as Fusion sedan. 🙂

    Ford Fiesta
    Ford Focus
    Ford Fusion
    Ford Taurus

    Ford Escape
    Ford Explorer

    Ford F-150

    That's the best models to stay on the market so far!! 🙂

    I am gonna buy new re-designed, Ford Fusion (based on Ford Mondeo)… cant wait!!

  10. So….with Incentives on the Fusion and the Fiesta reaching $23,000….how is this goign to sell? Or perhaps THIS will be the death of the Fiesta….

    I'm really confused on how they are going to price this thing. People are going to realize that they can get a base Focus over a base Fiesta and for only $2,000 more. The US knows FOCUS and doesn't yet know FIESTA. People are going to feel ripped after the new Focus emerges in the US.

    And Vince, I think you are off you rocker when it comes to the Fusion. Ford had gone on for way too long w/o this segment. From Zero to Hero this machine is!

  11. I personnaly love living in a world where Focuses interiors are way better than BMW/Mercedes !!!!

    I dream of sitting in a BMW with some1 and tell him "Well, the interior is not really that nice compared to the focus"


  12. I HATE those ginormous triangular intakes (which are 60% fake). The rest of the car looks awesome. Interior…awesome. Drivetrain options…..awesome. Triangular intakes…..AAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGG!

  13. Vince you cant be serious in saying Ford should dump the Fusion. I thought you were a car guy. Have you seen the sales figures for the Fusion? Are you kidding….your kidding right? Okay everyone he was just kidding. Idiot.

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