2013 Ford Focus wagon?

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I guess it’s a no brainer. A wagon version of the Focus has always been available in Europe.
We might even get the next one over here…

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  1. This thing looks great! If the reliability can hold on for ten years or 200k miles, then they'll have a winnder on their hands. The American market place needs more stylish wagons like this to prove that utility does not equate to an ungly penalty box… unless you're in a Crosstour… or an X6..

  2. Good. It'd be nice to see an actual wagon available here, not some jacked-up Venza/Crosstour/xUV thingie.

  3. Okay wow. Was just reading about the A4 Avant, which I love, in C&D. I like the style of this better!

  4. Wowwwwwwww.

    If they make an ST variant with a 220+HP EcoBoost I'd be all over it like flies on stink.

  5. "we should also get the convertible :)"


    This wagon looks great. I like wagons because they are low enough to put my surfboard on the roof. I would not hate driving this at all. It even looks great in white.

  6. WOW! I think this is the first time that everyone is posting that they like the car…..ARE YOU LISTENING FORD? 18 people on a blog site CAN'T be wrong. I like this WAAAAYYY better than the, so called, 5-door hatch.

  7. With $5 gas in the offing, Ford would be short sighted not to offer this- and the Fusion/Mondeo wagon- in the US. I never did think SUVs were a good idea.

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